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6/10/2005 12:27 am

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lets get started with a bang i suppose, all this is going to be is a place to voice my agreement or vent some anger. not interested whether u agree or not, just talkin here. mostly politics, but life issues. just for the record i am a moderate; definition: i believe in grey area as opposed to the black and white that they want us to believe.

for starters, i am talkin to the americans. we all feel that times are uncertain, i most certainly do. however, our country has gone through worse ordeals than this. while i may not agree with the some of the choices of our government, said best in full metal jacket "its a big shit sandwich, and we're all gonna have to take a bite."

however, i am not an advocator of war either. i am a business student and see the amount of money made in the business of war that i do not see it disappearing anytime soon. there was once a time when war was fought for more than just power struggles: safety, pride, honor, whatever. that is not the case as of recently. our economy flurished because of this trade. who is the biggest buyer in our country but the government.

so, they got a serious budget and need to spend it every year. now as i said before, i am a business student and can appreciate the fact that overhead charges, such as salary, can eat up your capital quick. however, taking into the scope that the army probably has more stuff than it says in the movies. actually, any branch of government enforcement or intelligence.

now i am not some paranoid skitzo that thinks big brother is after me. on the contrary, on think big brother has bigger fish to fry. as i said, just venting. later....

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