Friday Night (drinks and more...)  

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4/23/2006 6:39 pm

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10/10/2006 5:33 am

Friday Night (drinks and more...)

Friday night, we decide to meet for drinks with T & G. J and I(S) are sitting in a boothe when they arrive to meet us. Both T & G are looking hot, as usual. They sit down, G sits down across from me, T's wife. The night starts to heat up after a couple of drinks and continuous flirting. My black bell bottom pants got T all sorts of flustered, especially when I (S) shaked my booty at him. Then T and G get this devious smile and G starts to rub her foot on my pussy, and T takes my shoe and sock off and starts to rub my leg. Before long I am all hot and bothered. I said in a feverish tone,"Want to go to our house". A little while longer we are headed to our house. G and J ride together to our house and then T and I(S) rode together... All of sudden G and J are gone, hauling ass down the road, leaving us in the dust. LOL. We get to the house, clothes start to fly off, the living room scattered with clothes from one end to the other. We start with G and I kissing, then my husband J starts to lick her sweet juices and fingers her. I come over for a piece of the action, I start to lick and suck her clit. Her moaning gets louder. We start to kiss again, I run my tongue up and down her throat, oh, damn she is hot. T starts to suck on her feet while my husband J is fingering her wet juicy pussy. T and I meander off in the other part of the living room, where he starts to lick my pussy. His tongue licking my engorged clit and lips. He starts to finger me I start to cum over and over in his hand, white wetness dripping into his hand. Oh, I start to squirm, moving around wanting him inside me. Finally I return the favor going down on him, licking, sucking his hard cock. At the same time G & J continue I hear her moan louder and louder. Then after a while she starts to go down and suck J's hard cock. I hear J moaning as she continues to suck on his cock. I am hot and wet, wanting that hard cock of T in me. I start to ride him as he enters; hard and throbbing with excitement. I start to cum over and over. I see J riding G both are moaning as I look over. After awhile T gets on top and starts to ride me, the arousal starts to heat up even more. There's so much blood that went to my female organ that I got light headed, but oh, was it worth it. We continue for quite some time I cum over and over. As I look over J & G are doing it doggie style, both moaning loudly. The night proceeds, unfortunately it cums to an end. When we all kiss goodnight, and don't let the bed bugs bite. LOL What a hot Friday night out....

GentleCouple70 46M/46F

4/25/2006 4:33 pm

Yes G & I (T) would agree that we had one hot night with the two of you. Sorry, if we messed up your "plans" to hear the band and have a few drinks. Absolutely, loved the black pants, curly hair, and complimenting skin. Thought I could handle it, but as you could see...I was trying to cool off and that didn't work. Obviously, G couldn't wait to get her hands on a certain someone or should I say lips & tongue. Again, we really enjoyed our Friday night with the two of you.

As for Saturday...oh how I wanted to pull those strings. LOL Actually, I was enjoying the view. And I heard that J, got to do some viewing of his own...while walking behind G, up the stairs to the slide. Anyway we will see you guys soon. TJ & G

midwesterndragon 63M

5/3/2006 10:33 am obviously know how to enjoy a good time! Gorgeous picture!

lookinrc 50M
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7/1/2006 8:18 pm

What a nice way to spend a Friday nite.

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