Wot a surprise when i went and meet somebody somewhere between here and there.  

rm_lienkie 51F
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5/3/2006 1:27 pm
Wot a surprise when i went and meet somebody somewhere between here and there.

I am always open for challenges and the saying all talk and no action well is no all action no talk.We met here and chatted for some time and one day it happened so that he was in the vicinity and dropped me a visit professionally of course, but then i did not know he was the one i was dreaming of and thinking of...I did wot he was asking me to do and i had a feeling this person knows me well because he mentioned stuff to me that i discussed with him..we hitted off like a storm having this long conversation...He had all my attention and i was all ears.Then when i asked him all his particulars he told me i know him...then it dawned on to me that he is my best chat buddy. The one i shared all my secrets with the hurt and the pain the good and the bad..Now we are the bestest of friends...The magic between us is ever so strong and the unspoken words the magic of just being there together is great.As they say behind close doors there are the road to discovery ur self and wot u r capable of...Believe me i thought i was not capable of being a squid and squirt but now i am a squirting squid...I am so happy meeting this friend ..he showed me the way to a new dimension of being playfull,sensual and of course soooo sexually adventurous...wow and i never say no to a challenged no matter wot..Yes even if i bite off more than i can chew..I do wot i say and say wot i do sometimes my mouth land me in trouble but hey, getting into trouble is nothing but to stay out of trouble that is the main thing..Go on,,have fun....don't think....just do it!

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