Is it a matter of trust or a matress of lust?  

rm_lienkie 52F
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5/10/2006 3:15 pm
Is it a matter of trust or a matress of lust?

I noticed a missed call, unknown number, same time again in the morning. Who could it be? stranger? secret adirer? Who knows.Oh well they an phone again. Feeling quite aroused so early morning...Damn i am so in the mood ..had a wet dream you soo hot but well vibrator is missing in action got to do someting now but wot?Phone sex? Yea may be but who want sex for breakfis now? Out of the blue the phone rings, i answered, a very husky voice on the other side start to talk....pillow talk...i'm getting hotter and wetter.. the voice is making me soo horny..lust is in the rising... tipical me answer in an even more seductive voice the phone mmmm hello there wot u doing? naked here talking to a voice.. just to realise it is a very good friend of mine playing a trick on me... oogghh not nice and here i am hot wet and ready...for a good session on the phone.. Damn.well it was not for ong then. Friend phone me and we agree to have coffe at his place the making curtains for his room ..inmy after work i po pin to see the curtains .After a hactic day he put me itn the bath and sit and talk to me...we chatted i broke down and cry my heart out ..devour a choclate my eating plan fucked up,my aching heart better so my emotions...i took the warm towes and start to dry myself...i feel his close ness and his muscular hands moving over my thighs..higher and higher touching my wet spot and then my other leg so the drying prosess continue..straightenning up i got a hug..close one our bodies poress against each other.. i feel his hardness against me pressing ..i feel it is getting wetter now..feel something down my legt. kissing harder and longer..we proceed to the lounge...on the matress all out of the blue we lost control and give ourseves over to pleasure and all instincts that was supressed...the passion burn in us we just give it..after an hour we realised we had a good sex session...i discover the wet duvetr..spraying as in a water spray bottle all wet...i squirted and we had a good luscious session ...It was good .I felt like a woman.Can not sit for a few days but am fulfilled...Man u make me feel like a woman..

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