Do some soul searching........have a kit kat!  

rm_lienkie 52F
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6/10/2006 9:33 am
Do some soul searching........have a kit kat!

By now all my friends know me as a joker and someone that does not always mean wot i say.So one day i met a friend for coffee and we discuss our ideal friday i said mine is in a hotel room filled with soft music, aromatherapy oils and then a jacuzzi filled with nice bubble bath and candles...(dream on girl) and then we talked about the view we want and the service and so on..So after that discussion i received a phone call. Nameless, and got the request to come Friday night chill out and do some soul searching...Which i was going to do regardless wot i was planning to do.So i went and was so surprised...everything so organised.Went to the room and the view breath taking..on arriving to the bedroom lone behold there was a nice bouquet awaiting me...chill out girl Rest.As i walked through the room and in to the bath room i saw the spa bath! wow wot a pleasure! I open the taps and filled it to the brim with warm water and bubble bath...I put some music on and decided Pavarotti here we come..and placido domingo sing your heart out!OOPsie Andrea Bortchelli was also there...

I got undressed and climbed into the bath feeling the warm water and sink into the bath...relaxing, feeling the power of the jets against me...sort of massage like...i am so relaxed now..i fell asleep ..waking up nearly under the water i got up dry myself and went to bed...feeling so much better.I decided now i have to put some cream all over me. just to relax....

I slept like a baby....Felt so much better the next day.I did search my soul and i realise that you live once and don't let petty be the culprit making you a nasty person deep down in you there is always a good side...yes i know a bad side too but a good bad side...

Now i am good being bad!

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