My best hair appointment Ever!  

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8/1/2005 2:07 pm

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My best hair appointment Ever!

I was in the middle of a two year marriage that I knew was not going any where -we were on the way out. He was studying to be a doctor and had no time for me, he also decided that I was not doctor wife's material anyway . Needless to say I felt taken advantage of since I was working & paying for his schooling. This coupled with the fact that that he was not meeting my emotional & physical needs (tenderness, patience, love & sex)

My best friend decided that I needed a new look and set up an hair appointment with someone who was getting quite the reputation on doing women's hair -giving her a new look. His name was Brian and he was a cute guy kind of a Brad Pitt type guy. He was soft spoken but very sweet. He started to ask me questions of my relationship and how bad he felt for me. He said, he had a great marriage of 5 years and had a kid. As he washed my hair he started massaging me -something I have had not had in a long time. My husband was not affectionate with me for months. Even when we had sex it was very cold & brief.
Brian stared in my eyes and said he loved my big brown eyes and commented on how sexy I was. Again, something I had not heard nor felt in months. I had just graduated and was on my new job when he mentioned he just lived down the road where I worked and maybe we could get together for a drink sometime. I could tell it took a lot of courage to suggest the idea since we were both married -but I agreed it would be great. I felt like I was being asked out on a first date. This was the first time for me to try something wild on my hair. I was brought up fairly conservative and did not spend money on hair and fashion. Not to mention I just had straight hair. Well right in front of my eyes I saw Brian redo me like nothing I could of dreamed of. Looking back now I see why it was so beautiful & unique -he made me look like Farrah Facett and in the process he made me feel like her too. He would flip my hair out and bend down in my ear and say how beautiful I looked and how stupid my husband was- that he could not want & desire me?
As he was putting the final touches on I realized that my pussy was wet and when I went to feel it under the robe I just couldn't take it away -I started rubbing myself for the first time ever.
I was so horny and I was having all these thoughts of fucking Brian. I remember I closed my eyes for a moment and I let out a moan -not very loud just enough for Brian to hear & see.
At this point I know he is watching me feel myself and giving myself pleasure. He started to massage my shoulders and I swear he was inching his fingers down to my breasts. With every breath I hoped he would just grab my breast and start to kiss my neck which always brings me to my knees. Finally, we were done and he whispered to me to meet him tonight in the parking lot at 8:00.
So I left the salon & went shopping for new sexy under wear, I went home showered and put on the sexiest skirt and blouse I had. I didn't have to worry about my husband he said he would be at the library studying anyway. I was like a giddy little school girl looking forward to my first kiss, fantasizing about what might happen. Should I give my self to him? Should I act out my wildest fantasies that I never even came close to doing in reality? Or should I just play it cool and maybe this could lead to something?
As I drove up I saw Brian come out of the back door. For some reason he looked even cuter to me, the way he walked and smiled as he came up to my car. I opened the window to say hi, but he just opened my door and said, let's go. I got out of the car & followed him to a white van that was just down a few yards away. He opened the back door & there was a bed in the back and what looked like a small bar. Sure enough he said, lets go ahead and have that drink -so I looked around to see if anyone was watching. The sun had just gone down and there I was in this strangers van I had just met a few hours ago. He gave me a beer and asked me if I ever had cheated on my husband. I said no and with that he embraced me and started kissing me. It was the best & longest kiss I ever had. He started kissing my neck and my ear and he put his hands in my hair and said how beautiful I was. That was it I just rolled on top of him and started unbuckling his pants. I felt like ripping them off! He grabbed me & started feeling every part of my body & my body was screaming for hot sex. I took off my blouse & he started sucking my tits, my nipples were hard as rocks and I felt like screaming I took his cock out & started sucking & licking it like I never had done before but it was so big! I was amazed how big it was at least two inches bigger than my husband it was much thicker and harder. I had never been this turned on before, part of it was the excitement of doing it behind my husbands back I guess, part of it was fucking a stranger who at this time was moaning & part of it was doing it in a van, which I never had done before. He asked me when was the last time I had my pussy licked -I was almost embarrassed to say my husband tried it once and didn't like it and so he never did it again. It had been months since I felt a wet hot tongue. Not to mention that was the only time. My only other lover was my high school boy friend a couple of years earlier. He had never licked me so I didn't think much about it. Brian could tell that I really had never experienced it. So he gently pulled my skirt off & and my new black silky panty's. I was already wet and excited he pulled my legs up & spread them now he was getting a little more firmer with me. His head moved down my sweaty body he licked me all over like a wild man, then he started licking & nibbling the inside of my thighs he continued till he hit my pussy which was throbbing by now. I wanted to scream I had never felt this way before. He would just gently wiggle his tongue on my clitoris, then he used it like a paint brush licking me all the way to my butt hole. I started cumming and I thought I was going to knock him out with the humping of my hips -I wanted his cock now -I grabbed for it -but he just kept me spread eagle, I started screaming & hitting him I couldn't take it but now he had his mouth in my pussy & felt like swallowing him up. Finally, for the first time in my life -I said, fuck me, fuck me hard I want your hard dick in me now! But he kept eating my pussy & I came again & again. I was making noises I have never heard before. Now I was begging him to fuck me. So he grabbed his raging pole which was dripping by now & he put it in slowly -but he just put his head in gave me about two inches-almost like he was teasing me, then he pushed it in slow & started to go back & forth slowly he started kissing me hard. He said, I know you have never had it hard -I said no -so I'm going to give it hard he started to speed up his thrusting. It was fantastic he was huge! It felt so good inside of me -part of me was afraid that I may not be able to take this guys big dick to long it kind of hurt but then I grabbed his ass to pull him on to me. I know my finger nails dug in -I couldn't help it - I needed a cock like never before. We were kissing and licking each others face passionately - literally sucking face -then he started talking dirty to me -so you want to be fucked- you want my big cock in your tight wet little pussy? I screamed yes, yes. All of a sudden we heard a car door slam. We paused for a moment to listen, peeked out the window, we laughed then I just started to grind on him & asked him to lay down & let me sit on top so I could have more control & he rubbed my nipples. He wanted to cum so he took me off he wanted to last longer, so did I so he asked me to massage his cock & lick & suck it he was rubbing his hands in my hair & I knew he was thinking that's where this all started. I could barely put in in my mouth! It was the first time I could taste my pussy juices by licking his dripping wet hard dick-it was such a turn on I found my self licking his balls, & his butt hole since he did mine (tit for tat) it was wild. I just wanted to lick it all -I never had done this before, course I have never felt like this before.
Finally, he asked me to get on my knees so he could do it from behind & had never had that done either. He couldn't believe it so he promised me a fuck like I never felt -sure enough he pushed it in & the angle was much different it was unbelievable, it felt like it was going to come out my mouth. I started to groan my whole body was floundering as he started pounding me with his huge cock faster & faster, harder & harder. Now I wanted that big thing more than ever. His body would slam my ass -the harder the better -again, I yelled -fuck me Brian -fuck me -let me have it hard! I thought I would personalize it a bit. He obliged -I came & felt like I was squirting out fluids like crazy then he finally, started to cum -he pulled out since we both had no protection - he asked me to turn around & he cummed on my face and on my tits, I wanted that dick in my mouth so bad -so I just finished sucking every drop of his thick cum. I laid there exhausted & tingly, and light headed just realizing I have had the best sex in my life at least up to that point-never really knowing what it could be like? Could it get any better -maybe this is what was missing in my marriage? Brain sat up and handed me my beer -he rose his bottle & said, cheers!
By the way he said. "your hair is a mess"

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8/1/2005 10:14 pm

that is amazing - and great to know that you found & experienced some real sex. Happy for you...

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