Why check it -- at all?  

rm_lickduo 45M/40F
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6/23/2006 11:17 am
Why check it -- at all?

Why check the box that says "COUPLES - man & woman", if you really just want a woman??? Dear Ladies & Couples: if pussy is your exclusive preference, that's cool, but please just indicate that! The rest of us cannot channel your thoughts! We've seen ambiguous instances where the boxes say one thing and the profile verbiage says something completely contradictory. Which takes precedence?? The words? The checked boxes? These are some of the same author's who have the audacity to get ANNOYED because someone actually responded to their suggested interest(s). Imagine that!! Must've that "checked box" thing that threw us off - LOL! What's up with folks [allegedly] interested in "couples" when it's really just the pussy portion of the couple that has them frothing at the mouth? Sneaky... very sneaky... and not cool.

I'm content to just watch my wife do her ULTRA NASTY & EROTIC F/F thing with some pretty chick in many cases anyway - LOL! So, it's really not that serious for me in any case. Ladies & Couples, just give the rest of us some accurate insight. We can't read minds. After all, the effort is a waste of OUR time too!

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