Say what??!!  

rm_lickduo 45M/40F
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8/20/2006 2:39 pm
Say what??!!

Tire-kickin' is an Olympic class sport as practiced here on Passion! LOL! For some, fun time is over when things start to heat up (i.e., time to meet). Below are some interesting examples that we've experienced to date. These excuses usually occur on or just before time to show up for a meeting, and are often (but not always) followed by a "Houdini" type vanishing act, lol! People are really funny when they start the "back peddle"! Is that a new dance?? Please share the most inventive excuse(s) that you've heard or experienced!
We can't/won't upload our pics on this site ...too difficult, or not safe
Spouse out of town (then disappear)
No answer on the home/cell just prior to the meeting
Can't decide which pics to send (then disappear)
We're busy for the next ah, ('x" time)... with ah, (insert excuse here)
We TOTALLY forgot the meeting because we were shopping
Provide a phone# and NEVER answer it or return any message(s)
Our pics are on some "other" website
Profile suddenly turned off or removed altogether
Other - please share

_pinkie_ 55F
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1/3/2007 2:44 pm

One guy said he didn't have any pictures, then it was... he didn't have any in the computer. Then, he was too well known in political circles to email me a picture on here OR in outside email. He wouldn't get a webcam either.
I don't post face pictures on my profile because I live in a small town where the mentality is that if a woman LIKES sex, she's trash, and is fair game to be treated as such. So I simply keep the face pictures in my network albums.

If someone wants to meet, they'll FIND a way to get a face picture to you!

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