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8/12/2006 2:56 pm
Just thinking

We take a long drive. We flirt, talk, and just have a good time. deciding to get a Hotel instead of driving back, were kissing in the car, in the hallway, and playing with each other all the way to the room. We can't keep our hands off each other as we enter the room but don't make it past the door. Before the door even closes our kissing becomes more intense, more passionate. As we press our bodies together your breathing gets heavier and your body begins to melt into mine as my hands travel around your body. I'm kissing your neck, your ears, telling you how sexy you, how much your turning me on, how I've been thinking about you. I slowly open your blouse, expose your tits as my mouth goes to suckling your nipples, little bites and kisses just enough to make your nipples hard as you pull away for a moment then press them back into my suckling mouth. I kiss my way to my knees as I slide down your pants and panties at the same time, rubbing your ass, the back of your legs and kiss my way to your pussy with little angel kisses. You lean back against the door as you part your legs and my tongue explores around your hairline, then between your legs and inner thigh till I slide over and taste you for the first time suckling on your pussy lips like I did your breasts. Licking lightly, my tongue flat and soft, then kissing and suckling your clit and pussy lips. My tongue darting in and out and around as I'm making out with your pussy like I was just moments before with your mouth. My hand joins my mouth as my middle finger slides inside you and goes searching for your G-spot with my mouth teasing your clit. I can feel the spot as you moan and push back. Your G-spot responds and pushes back on my finger, getting bigger as you become more excited if its possible you could. Your hands go around the back of my head pulling me into your pussy, as your fucking my face and moaning at the same time. You have the rhythm that's going to make you cum. Then you have your first orgasm right there at the door, in my mouth, as your body goes from tense and tight to relaxed and you sink into the door. I guide you to the bed taking my cloths completely off and we fall to the bed. We lay naked hugging, kissing, touching. Hugging in a sexual way that's like dirty dancing as our bodies move together and melt with our tongues exploring each other. You can taste yourself on my lips as our bodies feel as one. You can feel my muscles hard and pumped as our hands are working around each others bodies in an erotic massage. I roll between your legs as we move together, holding myself over you with the only weight of my body being in our mid section. As you bring your legs around my waist. My cock just barely touching your wetness, but feeling like its already inside you as the anticipation becomes too intense. Your hands rub the back of my arms, you can feel my tight pumped tri-ceps as I slide my cock thru your pussy lips for the first time and we melt together even tighter. The relief of my cock breaking thru and sliding deep inside you feels so good we just hold it there as our passionate kissing gets even more intense. I can feel you from the inside, feel your movements as I begin to rock forward pressing your clit between our bodies. I grab your hands and put them above your head, holding them as to make you succumb to me. We start rocking slow at first in a speed that we both enjoy as were fucking each other and my hands slide around your back and cup your ass. The rocking gets faster and faster as the moaning gets louder and louder. Our kissing stops as I let go of your hands and go up on my knees, holding your ass off the bed and fucking you till you cum again, till you explode in another orgasm, this time on my cock. Then I slow the pace down, slowly working my dick in you, bringing my weight back down but not crushing you as I use my elbows to prop me up. We go back to kissing as I feel your pussy pulsating and clinching on my cock. Not wanting to disrupt your orgasm, just working my cock around till I grab your ass and roll you around so I'm on the bottom. You start riding me, riding my cock as I'm playing with your tits and my hand finds your clit and begins to massage it and my other hand finds your nipple, lightly pinching, rubbing till you cum again on me, then roll off. My cock aching, hard, laying against my stomach. You lean over and take me in your mouth. You can taste your sweet pussy on my cock as I begin to fuck your mouth like I was fucking you just moments before. Your hand rubbing my balls, you look up and watch as my eyes close, my legs go straight, my body tenses up and I say "I'm gonna cumm!!!" My pumping stops as you continue to suck and go up and down on my cock. You feel my cock swelling in your mouth, then I explode with strong pulsations as my hot cum squirts hard in your mouth and you taste me for the first time, sucking me dry....What do you think???

Hydragenias 56F

8/12/2006 4:40 pm

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