Greetings from the heart  

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6/4/2006 9:39 pm
Greetings from the heart

Hello Community:
it has sure been a busy and eventful 39 hours since my last entry. let me fill you in
where to start is the quandry i ponder, for my life has changed in a mere moment, the uttering of the words "i love you" the soft and sensual feel of her body, freely given, with love and adoration, heighting all of my senses.
i walk into her bedroom, each step in slow motion, the footfall of my step on each floorboard as i cross from the frontdoor to her bedroom. time is non existant but also fleeting, accelerated to a point where i am instantly transported in front of her.
our eyes meet and all of the doubt is gone, the love in ou eyes, shines bright as a star as we know, once we go where we plan tonight...there is no turning back.
her smell, her taste, the feel of her fingernails as they slowly caress the flesh of my back, we no longer exist on this plane but have melded into one, one being one emotion.
at last her head on my chest, holding each other tight and close, never wanting to let go
a slow sensual burning need like a candle shining out the window of my soul, a beacon in the darkness called lonleiness, to guide her back home to my heart, safety, security, warmth.
unconditional love unconditional desire
the love she gives is to me like the air i breath, i need it to survive, without it i will die.
i go to leave....the door says go but i say no
i shut the outside world out and come to her again, our lips our souls our bodies are one
we reach the plateu and cascade over the falls, lost forever in what our minds say is insane but our hearts say must be
she lay there, content and loved, feeling as never before....i walk toward the door, to go out once again to the world i want to hide away from with her. she is my world, not the harsh barren place i came from and now must return
heartbreak as i leave, knowing that tommorow it will be resurrected by her touch, her kiss, he love and care, only to be broken each time that i leave her side....reborn every time i again walk through her frontdoor and the footfalls of the past we share togeter lead me to where her heart beats in unison with mine
Peace and love community

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