Me to the "T"  

rm_letssee222 49F
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6/8/2006 5:03 am

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6/14/2008 3:25 am

Me to the "T"

I have chatted with people and I get the same questions time and time again. Just to let you know what I wrote in my profile is all me, no bullshit about it. I did find a catchy tune that describes me even more:

Hood up, bent over that carburetor
I skinned my knuckle
Damn that hurt
Got a 6 pack chillin' on ice for later
And grease all over my white t-shirt

My brother taught me how
To throw a curve ball
The cheerleadin' thing never felt quite right
When it comes to high fashion
I hit a brick wall
This girl's just one of the guys

I can throw darts
Talk about fishin'
Tell a dirty joke
And watch NASCAR
I can help you with your love life
And tell you 'bout women
Drink you under the table
At your favorite bar

I'm still a lady
Lookin' for the right man
But he's gotta take me
Just the way I am

'You can dress me up
But it won't change
The way I walk against the grain
I can rock your world
And if my mood is right
After the game on Monday night
'cause this girl's just one of the guys

Yeah this girl's just one of the guys

Willysjeepcj2a 60M
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6/8/2006 9:20 am

If I was single, I would pick you up in a heart beat. I would love to IM with you to "can help you with your love life And tell you 'bout women" because that is what I realy need to know and understand (refering to my wife). You sound like my sister, and I always wanted a girl like her for me, and I found her, but too late.

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