Humorous email  

rm_letssee222 49F
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6/21/2006 5:53 am
Humorous email

The other day I received an email I found humorous, and I thought I would share with others to see if anyone else agree's or dis-agree's with how I responded

Email Received:

wow, it looks like you've made quite an impression here! Excpet for that one guy...saying you;re one hell of a good cook?? whats his deal? anyway i look forward to talking with you more.

Response Sent:

Lol.....Thanks for viewing my profile and sending me your email. I got a kick out of what you said, but I have had the one guy over to my house on several occassions and have cooked him breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have even been over at his house and there too I fixed him dinner. Every time has been an awesome experience for both and I am really glad among every thing else we have done/shared, that he thinks I am a great cook...... guys really get off on that.
Meeting new people to me isn't always about sex, it is about the friends we make and the fun times we have together. I hope you find the great sex, but one of these days you might just want something or someone more......and lets hope you don't have to do all the cooking Good luck in your search for whatever it is you are looking for.

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