Mind Blowing Sex  

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10/5/2005 5:50 am

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Mind Blowing Sex

Mind blowing, not to forget sex would be like would start off with a lot of slow and long play like a light massage, some oils and little body to body rub down, hitting all those places we tend to forget about in every day rush....Like the back of your neck,arms, hands,your back and legs. Relaxing each muscle so you almost tremble in anticipation of what is in store next.
After a nice long sensual massage, we leave the oil on our bodies and begin with nice short kisses while holding each other tight, body to body, while my strong but gentle hands slowing work themselves around your back and bottom trying to find your specific spots that make you tremble with anticipation and excitement.As my hands explore your body, we move to long deep kisses, our tongues performing a long oral erotic dance.
From their I love to take my lover into my arms and slowing guide her down to the bed. This is where mind blowing sex for me begins, with slow and erotic kissing moving down your entire body. Short and delicate kisses around your face and ears, working my way slowly down your neck as your feel my member slowly start become aroused against your supple skin. I work my slow kisses down past your neck toward your heaving and excited breast. I playfully lick with each nipple and the the undeside of your breast as your hands start to grab my ass and draw my body even more tighter to yours.
I slowly work my way down to your stomach gentle and playfully kissing my way down toward your extremly moist special spot. As I feel your hands push my head toward your clitoris, my tongue playfully making it down there, while carefully listening for your breathing to tell me where you want me concentrate.

I am very very oral and love to have fellatio easily for half an hour. I would dive my entire face into your vagina as your hip motion would tell me when I am at best with my licking. I guarantee I can bring your to orgasm more than once from my oral skils.I enjoy getting my partner off multiple times before we have even inter-twined.

After an half hour of going down on you, I generally prefer my partner to climb on my member. Being kinda of thick and long,it is best for my partner to slowly feel her way on my my member and take control in the penetartion rate too determine what is not painful for her. Being long and thick you learn that you can be too much for some if you penetrate too quickly. Once you have found the correct depth you can handle me, I love to find my hip motion to match your breathing rate while my hands grab your bottom or play with clitoris at the same time. Deep long kisses during this phase only make my member rock hard.This normally goes on until my partner cannot take any more and climaxes.

Round 2 normally finds me taking the more agressive stance because after round one, your vagina has become a little accustomed to my member thickness at least. With me on top or from behind, I like to expore how deep my partner can handle my penetration without pain. This phase is normally good for both of us because my exploring always guarantees my partner anothe climax on my way to finding my first.

From here if my partner is willing, I like to see how limber or exploratory my partner can be by trying an assortment of sexual positions.
Finally after her third orgasm I like to try to finally cum so we can see what an explosive climax can be for both of us as I am take my long thick member for maximum pentration as my partner screams for God.

After an hour of this you will swear it is the best workout you have for long time.

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