Your In-Box Is Mine  

rm_leroyboyx 56M
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2/28/2005 5:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Your In-Box Is Mine

United by the mouse's click,
it's still your little pussy and my hard dick.
It's still your telling me to keep it cumming.
You dig my words, like my drumming.
Cut and paste my favorite lines.
Is my attachment too big? Your in-box is mine!

I know that you don't think it's spam
when you get a dirty letter from your lover man.
I know you think it's the way to be
and it's OK to get frisky with me.
I'm so glad I got that new rubber spine.
We've got a high speed connection. Your in-box is mine!

Your in-box is mine for the thrilling.
I find you exciting and less filling.
I love the way our phrases intertwine
when you reply.
Your in-box is mine!

I know you never are gonna delete
That first email when we chanced to meet.
When you PM-ed me and said "yo dewd,
Your poetry makes me wanna get newd."
I see it all in the subject line.
Your in-box is mine!

Drifitng back and again across the date line.
Your in-box is mine!

It's fun to imagine but I can't wait to combine.
Your in-box is mine!

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