The Ass of Trump  

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3/10/2005 5:46 pm

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The Ass of Trump

The Ass of Trump wanted some hiney-bump-in',
Called on her Candy Boy to thump, thump, thump.
She called the Asses of Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs and Spades.
Told them her thong was too big for a panty raid.
She said "It ain't braggin' if I come through.
I'm gonna come through all over you.
I shoot, I score. I've never had a slump."
There's always dudes chasin' the Ass of Trump.

The Ass of Trump bought a hydraulic pump.
She named it Bernard and showed it her rump.
It became quite excited, it started to push
and slap and rub on the fabulous tush.
That was just to show she can animate.
She can dampen the world. She can hydrate.
I promise I ain't back here lookin for lumps.
I'd like tu-mor of the Ass of Trump.

The Ass of Trump gets thrown down hard.
She even was able to turn on Bernard.
She does it behind Venetian shades.
All from her apartment in the everglades.

The Ass of Trump doesn't suffer any chumps.
Doesn't make a wrong decision, doesn't fade and doesn't clump.
She digs the boys. She loves the men.
She takes what she wants and never does it again.
She's easy to encounter. She's hard to withstand.
She has a petrifying effect upon your gland.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday--over the hump.
I need a compass and a weekend for the Ass of Trump.

It's round, it's juicy, it's soft and plump.
It's beats them all. The Ass of Trump.

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