The Ass of Hearts  

rm_leroyboyx 56M
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2/28/2005 6:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Ass of Hearts

The Ass of Hearts thinks she's so smart.
She's all buttered up. Ready for her part.
She's gonna be roasted and then fileted
like her little buddy, the Ass of Spades.
And if you thought your nephew shook
when he fell through the ice, better have a look.
When it gets going, everything starts.
You cannot break the Ass of Hearts.

The Ass of Hearts doesn't go to WalMart.
She likes crepe suzette and abstract art.
She shops at Booty Baby and over at Kronks.
They got a new place down in the Bronx.
I know there's thunder deep in her valley.
I want to plunder her back alley.
It'll be a year until she can fart
when I get done with the Ass of Hearts.

The Ass of Hearts is gonna git
a big attachment and a perfect fit.
It comes in three shades of red.
Makes me wanna swing the led.

The Ass of Hearts cums a la carte.
Her back yard is the state of my art.
It's shiny and round and I just bet
right about now it's a little bit wet.
I read it cover to cover, this fairy tail
in a special edition I ordered in braille.
How do you spell work of art?
I spell it A--S--S of hearts

This girl's caboose is off the chart.
It's hereditary--the Ass of Hearts.

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