The Ass of Diamonds  

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3/5/2005 4:35 pm

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The Ass of Diamonds

The Ass of Diamonds requires niacine and thyamine.
Gardenia and lilac, magnolia and hyacinth.
The pear shaped beauty is a real full moon.
I'm gonna jump all over it, without the spoon.
Gonna lay down the backbeat--thick and true.
Gonna pump my baby juice inside of you.
Got my pickaxe and some rope, I'm about to go ca-limbing,
Rapelling to the bottom of the Ass of Diamonds.

The Ass of Diamonds plays Simple Simon.
Simon says I'm gonna' pop your hymen.
Gonna' blow past the drawbridge, conquer the moat.
Seize and torment the man in the boat.
Mussels and clams and oysters and conchs.
There's an Oriental grocery down in the Bronx.
Nursery rhymes ain't the only place where you might find a pie-man.
There's facets all over the Ass of Diamonds.

The Ass of Diamonds is asking for
her very own personal doggie-style door.
Not talking about the type to go outside.
She likes easy access to her insides.

The Ass of Diamonds received her primin',
hunkers down on her haunches, half- and double-timin'.
Riding high like a cowgirl, singin' yippie yi yay.
Singin woh, woh, woh, woh, woh, Olé!
I hear girls love 'em. I'll tell you what.
A man's best friend is a comf'table butt.
Parsely, sage, rosemary and thymon.
There ain't a lot of rhymes for the Ass of Diamonds.

Mix a lemon and a lime and you get a limon.
I wanna piña her colada--the Ass of Diamonds.

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