The Ass of Clubs  

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3/9/2005 6:07 am

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The Ass of Clubs

The Ass of Clubs needed just a little shove,
needed just a little prodding, just a little rub.
Needed all that I could muster--things that I did not.
Who am I to love my princess on a folding cot?
The only problem was, it did not fit.
Her ass went on forever--it did not quit.
Reminiscing about it springs me a chub.
My nightstick's hard for the Ass of Clubs.

The Ass of Clubs taught me all about women.
In gratitude, I gave her alla my jizzum.
My sperms are required to learn the backstroke.
They can paddle back to the punchline of my joke.
The fit was tite. Her grĂ¼v was sweet.
To this day I haven't smelled her feet.
I'm gonna punch her monkey--burn her shrub.
Back door bingo with the Ass of Clubs.

The Ass of Clubs is a cool de gra.
Her titties are so perky, she don't wear a bra.
I hear rumbling subsonics. It's got lights in case it's dark.
She takes two spaces whenever she parks.

The Ass of Clubs told Beelzebub
Caligraphy my booty with a real thick nub.
Take me to the nightclubs and the honky tonks.
Spank me til I'm red way down in the Bronx.
I don't care about positions as long as I can see
that shiny hiney smiling up at me.
You're gonna get a pasting. Gonna get drubbed
when I play Texas Hold-'em with the Ass of Clubs.

After recovery, put on your scrubs.
She leaves the back flap open--the Ass of Clubs.

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