Looking Busy--My First Kiss  

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3/3/2005 11:12 am

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Looking Busy--My First Kiss

The first girl I kissed
was the first girl I made love to
and we made love
on the first night we kissed.

I knew her since I was 8
when we moved to the suburbs from the inner city.
Her panties fell down once in the fourth grade
when we were playing four square in the playground.
I saw nothing but a promise.
I liked her even then.

I joined the senior class play to be near her.
She had a ring that was two rings
with about an inch of chain between them.
I got her to put one ring on her left hand pinky
and one on my right hand pinky
while we watched rehearsal one afternoon.
We were chained together.
Soon we were holding hands.
Like she didn't know what I was doing.

Guys always think they don't know.
I know I thought that
for awhile.
Now I think women position themselves
for men to find them,
which isn't a bad thing
if you want to be found
or are looking.

That night we went to a psychedelic hangout,
The Railroad House in Marietta, Pennsylvania,
where they played acid rock and had light shows.
We snuck out to the parking lot to smoke some pot
in the wayback seat of a green station wagon.
The cops rolled past us slowly
to see what we were doing.
"Look busy," she said.
It was easy.

Once we saw where we were going
we slid to the center row of seats
so we could stretch out a little.
She was in the high school marching band.
She told her girlfriend afterward
that it felt like she was sitting on her clarinet.

My friends teased me on the ride home.
Two dudes in the front.
Two dudes in the middle.
and she and I cuddled in the wayback seat
watching the night go in reverse
out the back window
as they drove forward back home.
They made clarinet jokes.
They said the car smelled like sex.
They went home alone.
But I went home as a lover
with my memories
and a girlfriend
that I began writing for immediately.

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