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5/4/2006 9:18 am

I have been doing two surveys of friends of mine recently and found out two very interesting things.

The first is to do with happiness - you know, for better or worse, I always had the idea that most people were happy with their lives and while I used to be a bit miserable I thought I was the odd one out.

For the last month or so I have been generally cheerful every day, I don't have bad days when I wake up and feel bad about this, that or life in general I just, well... feel happy about myself and each day seems like a nice day. And somehow I felt that this was normal.

So, the point - I was talking to friends and found that even though a lot of people go around smiling, joking and acting like they are happy they have a rotten piece inside gnawing at them which is unhappiness with general life and living. I think that's sad and something should be done about it. But, after talking to a lot of friends I can genuinely say that most people don't go through life exuding happiness - but these days I do and, even though it sounds corney, I will do what I can to make other people have a nicer time with their lives.

That was the result of the first survey - the second survey result was that I talk to much. Oops. Something recently made me realize that maybe, just maybe I talk too much and it's a fact - I do!! He he. But at the same time they told me it's fine because I also know when to shut up and let them talk, I listen and acknowledge what they say - so they told me it's not that I incessently babble on and on like some people. But the result of the survey is --- I talk to much.

Have fun guys.

Best, T

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