"I've Arrived!" - Dream Theater "Strange Deja Vu"  

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4/2/2006 11:52 pm

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"I've Arrived!" - Dream Theater "Strange Deja Vu"

Well. . .here I am.

My new home. There is no point in telling where my old home was, but since my writing skills need some serious resharpening, I'll tell anyway.

Long story short, I previously had a blog at Alt.com under the name "darthleglover", but came to realize that I really don't fit in with BSDM crowd.

I decided to visit this site and managed to find various groups of fellow leg fetishists who are just as madly obsessed over the lower limbs of females as I.

It was in those few minutes of exploration that I came to see that this was a better place to congregate and to find a potential candidate to be my queen and to spill my thoughts into writing without fear.

And so, here my journey resumes.

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