what is forever for you ?  

rm_lefever3 52M/54F
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8/12/2006 3:49 pm
what is forever for you ?

Forever is not a place or time,its a spot in each different heart,we search for the forever in each person we come in contact with !!!We even look for forever in the wrong ones, or who we end up finding ,are the wrong ones in our life,!!!we search for it in our own hearts,no has forever!!we have forever in all we do or feel,forever in how we share or react to another !!! we have forever always ,its in each different heart,each different person,!!!forever can be just 5 days or a life time,depends on how you use it or throw it away!!! Forever is a gift that we share with each other !!!, just like love,carring,sharring,feeling,or just a hug,we throw them around so much that when the real thing comes to us ,we just pass it by!!!Never even taking the time to look, or feel the passion,or the carring ,or even the tight hug !!!you think the next time you want forever !!! think of how you use it,then offer it up to who is really going to respect it!!! kisses an hugs ladies an ^^^5555`s gents, we hope you all eanjoy an think of what your willing to give away!!!!And how offten

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