just a peek at us ,were scott & hope,ordinary people!!are you?  

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8/7/2006 5:07 pm
just a peek at us ,were scott & hope,ordinary people!!are you?

we go threw the every day things in life,an we see that others think as we do ,there are so many liers on here!!! just waste there day to think of the next lie !!! Hummmm wonder if the truth is even any where here ,or are we just all wasting the time we have left in life!!!we`ll scott is 41 an will be 42 Nov,1st ,hope 43 ,we met on the computer sept, 1st 5 years ago,scott was in Va and hope in new york,we spoke for 5 or 6 months on computer an phone,he called me every day ,sometimes more,I,hope have learned that if we don`t ever let go the pain from our past that we are blind to the future!!! we can never allow any body to step in an care for us again,we can only be alone ,lonly,hurt,an resentfull about others !!!so i have let myself open them doors,yes even the one that kept me scared of feeling again!!!then let scott step in an took that just one more chance,the one i never thought i would take!!!!well i`m here to tell you it was worth it !!! were both big people ,but no that life just don`t stop at big,it goes further ,to skinny,tall ,stumpy,small,fat,short,ect, but thats what makes each of us wonderfull,were all different,an indifferent from one another ,we need that to make the other laugh,if only cause we see other a hole new way !!! gives new perspective on life an in life !!!! well we hope what we have give you to read ,gives you just a clue about us,we want a ladie to enjoy what we have to offer,it may not be all sex ,but knowledge or just the hug,an feeling of some one who just cares ,wishing this to be you ,(that special lady for us!!!!! kisses who ever you are!!!!

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