Tragedy Worthy of Shakespeare (pt 2)  

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Tragedy Worthy of Shakespeare (pt 2)

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When I had been living with my parents for about three months, Mary and I finally got together (we lived 80 miles apart, that's one of the reasons it did not happen straight away). One Monday I skived off work and drove to her flat. She met me in a dressing gown and led me straight to the bedroom. Oh. My. God. Mary is 20 years younger than me and I was a teenager in the 70's, so I'd seen my fair share of female flesh, but Mary was the best shag I ever had. She (it) was fantastic. It lasted 4 and a half hours and afterwards we both agreed that it was the best sex ever.
At the time, Mel C's 'Things will never be the same again' was in the charts and it seemed something of an anthem for us. We had been mates, we shared several close friends - how was this going to affect them - and our families? We obviously decided to keep it quiet but I drove over to hers almost every weekend - and on others she caught the train to Nottingham to meet me.
It was on her birthday that year that we took a tent into Derbyshire, pitched it and spent the hottest, sunniest day of the summer entirely under canvas. We made love - serious love. And we shagged. And then we made love some more. We were still drenched in sweat (and very sore) when I reluctantly drove her to the railway station.
We began to talk of announcing our relationship and finding somewhere to live together. we were hopelessly in love - both of us spending £150 a month on texts and hour-long phone calls. What had come as a big surprise to me, was the fact that she'd lusted after me from day 1 - as I had her - and we'd both been too proper to realise it.
Summer fell into autumn and, on December 1st that year, I moved into a flat not far from my parents. Mary would join me in January after finishing her work contract. For Christmas that year, I went over on Christmas Day (after seeing my lads)and I can still see the haze of golden decorations and light she was standing under when I entered her front room. Heaven smacked me right in the face that day and I have never recovered.
Mary came to live with me in January and was immediately accepted into the family and circle of friends. The flat was grotty, with lousy neighbours and a witch of a tenancy agent but we were so in love we managed to ignore that for the most part. Eventually though it did get on Mary's nerves and so we began to look for a new place to live.

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Moving is always such fun and exciting!

Purry {=}


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