Tragedy Worthy of Shakespeare (pt 1)  

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Tragedy Worthy of Shakespeare (pt 1)

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I believe we all have soul-mates. And I believe that a 'soul-mate' is someone who's body and mind turn you on from the day you meet to the date you die (and maybe beyond, I'm not religious, but no-one's ever been back to say it's not true). People celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversaries and who are as in love on that day as they always were have found theirs.
My story starts nearly 30 years ago when my live-in girlfriend decided to have a baby. I was not ready for that (and had said so), but she went ahead anyway. The fact that she told all my mates before me, and ensured I did not hit the roof when I found out by having them tell me still smarts. Anyway, I'm a decent guy and I did love her, so I married her. Bringing up a small child is difficult enough and I decided that an only child would have better prospects (access to more resources; since scientifically proved to be correct) and so I did not want another when she did it again. And again, it was my friends that told me about it!

For 17 years we were married, and in that time I never strayed once. She did think about it and once actually thought about going off, but didn't. The problem was, she simply didn't love me any more. But I stuck with it and settled into a comfortably numb life with my family.

Then I met my soul-mate.

For 3 years after meeting Mary (name changed to protect the guilty) we maintained a friendship that was very close, but although I yearned for her, I was never improper. Then, out of the blue, she sent me an email telling me she was desperate for a shag - I jokingly offered to help her out and she took me up on it - although only on a promise. I did not cheat on my wife. I spoke with my wife about our marriage and realised that without love, it was existing purely to bring up the boys. They were well into their teens by this time and independent, so I left, settling all the debts, and leaving her everything. I took nothing with me. I even arranged for my salary to be paid into her account for three months afterwards. Within 6 weeks, she had a new bloke living with her whilst I was back at my parents. Mary and I had still not yet done anything about her lust and my dream-come-true.

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