In a huff  

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12/9/2005 3:28 pm

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In a huff

I had teased D before and had her shoving toys into her sex when her kids were not home or her husband was away, but this time it was different. We had made up our minds to toy with each other and she was very interested in showing me exactly how far she thought she was willing to go. On the hand, I knew exactly how far she wanted to go. I pushed back the leather chair from my mahogany desk. I looked into her brown eyes as her willing partner and sexual mystery one last time and told her to shut my office door.

I said, “D, I have an employee issue.”

D immediately stood up with a frustratingly questioning and unexcited look. My HR assistant was aroused and had touched herself in my presence. My response had clearly pissed her off! Both nipples erect, her pussy lubricated, and I tell her of an employee issue! I am sure she thought about storming out of the office and bringing charges. However, she is a very loyal and dedicated employee. She stood up in a huff, turned her back on me, and grabbed the door handle thinking that I had a confidential employee issues to discuss instead of my cock’s needs.

As the door closed, I pushed back my chair and sprung forward against her. With her face toward the door, her body slightly aroused from our verbal foreplay. I know she did not expect my body to slide against her backside and push the door close with my extra weight. Her face, half pressed against the wooden door and the other half flushed, showed me her surprise, and the louder than usual door closure muffled her excited yelp. I leaned into to her with my 6’frame and all 190 lbs pushed against her and overwhelmed her small body as the door gave a “tight” closed sound.

Quickly, my right hand embraced hers while it was on the door handle and I locked it from the inside. My left hand forced itself between the door and the undersides of her breast. Her natural response was to push against me, and that helped my cock find its natural home. It was snuggly erect against the crease of her full mature Latin ass, and its black skirt. She felt me move my pelvis forward and push that firmly against her inviting fabric. I forced myself into the small of her back as her breasts helplessly pushed again the immovable door and my open left palm. My cock had found its natural home against her most private part, but that would be another lesson, when she submitted entirely.

D, had cum for me in the privacy of her partner’s bedroom for months. I am sure she spent time think about fucking us both while her toy slide into and out of her pussy. I have no doubt that she had lain on his side of the bed and fantasized about him coming home from a trip in TX, or Chicago, and already having her pussy and ass filled with another man’s cum. Then he would fuck her while she lubricated his cock with her juices and the seed of another man. I am sure she fantasized about the cum dripping out of her ass while he fucked her in their wedding bed and she shuttered to orgasm, but doing it for real, that’s different!

Having another man press his cock into her most sensitive flesh where only one other had been for ten years. That is different, very arousing, but different. No matter her verbal foreplay and sexual orgasms while her husband fucked her. She was helpless, being molested in an office, and did not have a choice except to yell for help. I bet on the fact her lust and passion had already had gotten the best of her, and as I was about to whisper in her ear, her full lips parted and she pushed her ass harder into me.

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2/25/2006 8:28 am

Oh my God, you make feel hot, my panties are completily wet, i would love to have your cock between my legs.......

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