D's nipples  

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12/7/2005 3:13 pm

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D's nipples

That was the day I saw her nipples swollen and erect thru her red silk blouse and black bra. I knew she had to take another step and confess her desires. Over the last several months I had been teasing her mind and forcing her body yield to my compromising situations. Her husband has not been around to satisfy her need, so her fingers, imagination and toys had to make up for a hot, stiff and hard cock in her pussy or even better a warm wet tongue. I am sure the night before her fingers were rubbing her nub thinking about sliding onto someone’s mouth while she exposed everything to her imagination and the toys.

Can you imagine a 40-year-old Hispanic MILF, beautiful 36c breasts, dark pink nipples, on her knees in her bedroom, and slowly sliding in her favorite pink vibrator. That night she took her bath, shaved her pussy and put on her nicest black thong lace panty. It was snug against the crack of her ass, and she gently touched the outside of her pussy with her toy. Her passion and desire made her yield to her instrument. It only had one purpose and so did she ‒ submit to her mental visions in a way she could not control. She needed to be on her knees submitting to those vibrations that would never stop regardless of how wet and perverse her thinking. Moreover, she loved it and told me everything the next day.

A cold morning office will make any woman uncomfortable. Unless she is flush with desire, then she will allow her nipples to harden and her body to warm to staring eyes drinking from her breasts and she will enjoy it. When she is fully aroused, she will allow herself to stare back willingly with her black lipid pools begging you to take the next step. And we she is ready, stop drinking with your eyes, but also drink from her breasts with your mouth, as if they were fully engorged with milk, and lactating to fill your mouth with her essence.

She not only stared back that morning but also uncrossed her arms and stretched her back to show me just how aroused she was. Her nipples were awake and she was ready to experience her seduction one erogenous zone at a time. Her eyes looked down at her breasts and saw how aroused the left ones was, and she crossed her legs, so her black skirt pulled against her thighs, and let her right hand brush against the fullness of her right breast. The nipple sprang forth, her eyes met mine, and she let out a slight moan.

She is used to sitting at her desk with her black lace panties wedged gently in between the folds of her most sensitive and lubricated area. Listening to me ask her pointed questions about her orgasms. If her pussy is wet and it is moistening her underwear, she is 40; it has been happening to her since high school, if not earlier. I am sure that her panties were soaked and the office was so quiet, I could hear her nylon legs rubbing against each other. She uncontrollably and willingly squeezed more of her wetness onto the black silk and stained her most personal of personal wares.

However, this was not going to be about an office quickie on my desk, she knew it, and I knew it. This was about an older woman teaching me how to satisfy her most secret desires, and me teaching her how to submit to multiple orgasms, sweat, go home, and keep our secret.

She was obviously very proud of her tits and rightfully so. I think she even called them, “Her greatest assets.” I was going to spend my time focusing on only on those assets, and making her orgasm not by kissing her neck, or eating her pussy, but just by stimulating her beautiful breasts while I made sure she was open, willing and wet participant.

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