Fantasies, part 2  

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7/26/2005 8:44 am

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Fantasies, part 2

Private Lessons

I'm at my desk when your knock sounds at my door. Letting you in, I show you to your usual seat on my sofa, offering you a cold drink to combat the heat of the day. You look shy, and more nervous than normal, pressing your knees together tightly and fidgeting. I take a seat on the other end of the sofa.

"Is everything ok? You look uncomfortable."

Your eyes seek the floor, and your vioce quavers. "Sir? My - I forgot the paper you asked me to write...I left it at home..."

My eyes narrow and my voice hardens. I point at the floor in front of me. "Stand up and come over here." I look you over, noting your white blouse and almost knee length skirt, they way you hang your head and clasp your fingers behind your back.

"We've talked about this, haven't we?"

"Yes, sir..."

"And you know this is for your own good, don't you?"

You open your mouth, but don't say anything, trying to find the words.

"Turn around and lift up your skirt!" You turn, and lift your skirt to reveal your firm, quivering ass. For a moment, you stand there like that, suspended in time, not daring to breathe. Then you feel my hands gently caress your ass, moving across your flesh to your hips. Suddenly, I pull you across my lap and you feel the denim of my jeans on the front of your thighs and the top of your shaved pussy. You struggle a bit, but I hold you fast in my lap.

The first slap lands with stinging force on your right side and is followed quicly by a matching blow on the left. It continues for several minutes, the timing and force of the spanking constantly changing - denying you any possibility of anticipating the next impact.

After a time, just when you are at the verge of actually crying out, I stop, still holding you onto my lap. By now, you can feel my hardness pressing into your belly. "Catch your breath a moment, sweetness."

You begin to recover slowly, bringing your breathing and heartbeat down to a more normal level, and, against your better judgement, begin to relax. "Thank you, S..."

Before you can complete that simple sentence, my ruler smashes stingingly across both cheeks at once. Already sore from the spanking, you cry out. I work you over with the ruler, blow after stinging blow, with the same non-pattern I used when I was spanking you. I leave no space on your ass untouched, stopping only after you are in tears.

I sigh. "Now now - we talked about this, remember? When you forget your assignments, you get punished. I can't make exceptions, can I?" Still holding you down across my lap, I begin to rub your ass soothingly. "Hold on - what the hell is this? You're soaked!" You gasp as my fingers roughly force their way between your legs, finding the wetness there. Quickly, I lift you off my lap and stand you up in front of me again. "Why you little slut! You actually enjoyed that, didn't you?"

You shuffle your feet, groping for an answer. "Well, I..."

I cut you off by pressing the sharp metal edge of my ruler into the side of your neck, just under your jawbone. "The truth! You left your assignment at home on purpose, didn't you?"


"Excuse me?" I press the edge of the ruler against your neck a bit harder to illustrate my point.

"Yes, sir."

"Because you enjoy getting spanked?"

"Yes, sir - I enjoy being spanked by you, sir..."

"Well, whores need special punishment. Open it." I indicate the buttons on your blouse with my ruler. Your fingers tremble as they unfasten the buttons and your white blouse falls open to reveal your blood red bra. Using my ruler, I flip your blouse off of your shoulders, and it falls to the floor behind you. I tap your bra with my ruler. "This too."

"But sir..."


Tears beginning to flow again, you unclasp your bra, freeing your breasts.

"Put your hands behind your back, and stand still, right there." Mutely, you obey, not daring to look anywhere but down at your shoes. After a moments pause, my ruler smacks into first one breast then immediately the other - smacksmack - right on your nipples. Just as the sting is fading away, it happens again - smacksmack. You gasp in pain and fear, anticipating the next blows - which do not land. Instead, a series of light taps with the ruler, all over your breasts ensues, reddening the flesh as impact after impact raises the blood into the skin. You gasp again, but this time, not in pain. My thumb grazes your nipples as I move your breasts around with my free hand while the taps from my ruler continue to fall.

"Still all hot and bothered, are you, slut? Get on the, on your back - isn't that where whores belong? On your back with your legs spead wide?" Roughly, I maneuver you into your back on the sofa, with one leg up on the back of the sofa and the other off to the side. Quickly, I open my pants and shove myself into your mouth. "Isn't this what whores do? Open themselves up to any man that comes along?"

I thrust myself rudely in and out of your mouth, and begin spanking your sopping wet pussy with my ruler. Your fingers dig into my asscheeks as I your mouth, punishing your pussy the whole time, until my orgasm fills your throat.

I go back to my desk. "That will be all for today. Come back tomorrow, with yesterday's assignment...and I suggest you not be late."

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