Setting the record straight... and the "BIG CHICKEN"  

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1/16/2006 5:48 pm

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Setting the record straight... and the "BIG CHICKEN"

First and foremost. Hello there sierraflybabe2! It's me again, Larry. I know you disagreed with my first post and were quite adamant in your well-thought-out-argument. But I'm here to set the record straight... hence the title above. Ahem... Perhaps you were right... in some cases. One of those cases being my own.

I'm not changing my argument a bit. AdultFriendFinder is PRIMARILY is for hooking up with sexual partners. However, once in a while I can see where something more might occur. In fact, as I gaze dreamily at your picture I can imagine incredible, fantastic, multi-orgasmic, olympic quality, trippleXXX SEXXX! But in addition to that... I'd really like to get to know you. You are so lovely you make my heart melt into a little puddle! Ok, a big puddle... So, if you can stomach it, go to my photo albumn and check me out. I'm not on the "hottie of the month" calendar or anything, but at least you might be able to discern that I'm harmless. If I pass that test, perhaps you'll allow me to pass along some poems I have written for you. Blush. I know, "All that from a picture?" "Does he have a life?" No I don't... not much of one anyway. Perhaps that could change.

Now for the rest of you, (If any of you actually reads this)... Have you ever been to Marietta, Georgia? Well, I've recently moved here from Las Vegas. Now, since I'm new around here I often need directions when trying to find my way around. Virtually everyone starts their directions with the phrase, "Ok, do you know where the "BIG CHICKEN" IS?" Hmmm, well my first response was, "Uh, the big what?" Then the look that says, "Freakin' Yankee!" But, in fact, the big chicken does exist, and not just in the addled minds of a few meth-freaked, double-wided Georgians. It is actually one of the first KFCs in the country and is quite famous... in these parts. As you might expect, outside the building is a giant, animated chicken... rolling it's eys and chomping it's sickly yellow beak. Is that a vengeful look I see in his rotating eyes? It's enough to un-nerve a born-and-bred Californian such as myself.

Soooo, the directions begin something like this, "Take a right at the big chicken", or "Were just caddycorner from the big chicken, or, the ever-popular, "If you see the big chicken, you've gone too far!" Don't get me wrong, I'm quite impressed with Georgians, they are, for the most part, intelligent and very friendly folks and I hope the tone of today's blog is in no way demeaning to them. However, wouldn't it be possible to find another, less spooky landmark to use as a point of reference? The post office, the mall or even the local Arby's. It could be me, but the "BIG CHICKEN" just might be planning to suck me in for a tasty treat of his "cholesterol revenge".

ga_peach491000 67F
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1/27/2006 8:30 am

Ahhhhh, yes The Big Chicken.
Being a Native to the Atlanta Area, I know all about the big chicken.
You just don't know the "history" there is behind the big chicken.

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