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7/11/2005 9:26 am

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I went hiking up in the mountains yesterday, I was pretty strenuos one. I am so lucky to live in this area, so close to the mountains. When ever I go into the mountains and really get up in them, it feeds my soul. I can think clearly, take in the beauty.

This hike yesterday had everything, old growth forest, lakes and tarns, wildflowers and alpine vegitation. It was really a good hike. I went with an old hiking buddy, we have not been able to hike together at all this year because of our schedule differences, but she is a good friend. And she can keep up with me, I have taken other woman with me on hikes, but they are not in hiking shape.

I would like to find a lover/friend to go hiking with, but the ones that are intersted in me, I am not into them. Just need to find someone to do things with, have good sex and then say see ya in a couple weeks. It is hard to find someone like that and keep it that way. many time, one of the two, get emotionally involved and it no longer is just friends that share there bodies. I complicates things, I have enough complications in my life.

Sometime, I am going to try my hand at poetry, I need to expand my vocabulary though. I have read some great stuff on other peoples blogs. I have things floating around in my head, I have troube getting then written down.

Geting abck to hiking, I have this fantasy. I would be way up in the mountains, like above 5000 ft. I would come upon two young woman touching each other on a noce grassy meadow. I would watch and get incedibly turned on and finally would not be able to just sit and watch any longer. So I walk up to them and join in. I have never been with two woman. I been had a couple guy friends have me help them do there partners. I am not into other guys , but watching two woman really turns me on. Or even watch a woman do herself. I love watch woman climax, every woman is different.

Enough for taday

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