My First Fanticy  

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My First Fanticy

Her skirt swishes as she walks, the fabric floating around her stocking encased legs. She looks up as the first few drops begin to fall. "Typical," she laughs, but continues her casual walk. Having lived here all her life this isn't enough to bother her. Rain is very common weather here and she rarely carries an umbrella. She's never been one to panic about getting a little water on her. The rain starts coming down a bit harder, rapidly on the way to soaking her. She looks around for some sort of shelter as the drops begin to pound. Spotting a phone booth she tucks her head down and hurries over to it. They almost crash into each other, both looking agape at the other and slightly winded.

"I guess we had the same idea," she smiles looking him over.

"Seems so," he nods, "But you go ahead, I've at least got my coat." he says tightening his long trench coat. The clouds seem to split open and pour their bounty on them. She thanks him with a smile and steps into the small bit of shelter.

"Its close, but there's room enough for two." she says.

"Thank you very much." he smiles. She backs as far into the corner as she can and he steps in. He leans into her, pushing the door closed behind them and there is a little more room between them. He stands only a couple of inches taller than her in the heels she is wearing. She guesses he's about six feet tall, compared to her five and a half feet without shoes.

She smiles shyly, "I didn't expect it to rain so hard."

He chuckles, "Yeah, it just came out of nowhere."

"Yes it did." She nods.

His gaze travels the length of her then back up to meet her eyes. "You look like you were dressed up to go somewhere nice." he smiles still looking her over.

"Just going home actually," she says trying to smooth her wet skirt. "I had lunch with a friend and now I look like a drowned rat!" she sighs.

"Oh don't worry, the wet look becomes you." he grins and she giggles.

"Hopefully the rain won't last long," she says and he nods.

She looks down at herself, the material of her dress hugging her breasts, her nipples tight from the chill. Every time she moves her feet the wet skirt sucks at her legs. She giggles and looks up to see him half smiling, a questioning look in his eyes. "I was just thinking how I'd been heading home for a shower and instead I'm in a phone booth all wet with a stranger."

He chuckles, "I can't say I'm disappointed."

She smiles, "I'm Katy," she says offering him her hand.

"I'm David," he grins taking her hand and kissing it. "Not enough room to shake," he winks and she giggles again.

A flash of lightning paints the sky and they both look up. "I love storms," she whispers watching the black clouds overhead. The thunder clap drowns out his reply as she cranes her neck to look toward the darkest clouds.

"You should turn around, you'll have a better view," he suggests and she laughs. Turning in the tight confines of the booth, her breast rubs against his arm. Her ass bumps into him as she tries to stand with her back to him.

"Sorry," she blushes.

He smiles. "No reason to be."

The rain continues to batter the shelter and their combined breath begins fogging over the glass. He reaches over to swipe his hand across the glass, his body pressed into her back. She can feel his semi-hard cock against her ass and without thinking she pushes back into him. "That could get a lady like yourself into trouble." he sighs letting his hand fall to her hip.

"Sometimes trouble can be a good thing," she grins and he chuckles.

Another flash of lightning draws their attention back to the sky. "That one was close," he says.

She shivers as the static electricity zips up her spine. "I'm tingling from it!" she breathes.

"I don't think the lightning is responsible for my tingles." he says his voice a little breathier.

"Oh?" she teases, "What could it be then?" she asks with a wiggle of her ass.

"Such a naughty girl, flirting with a stranger," he says grabbing her hips and grinding against her ass. She moans, her legs going a bit weak as the thrill rushes through her body. She leans back against him, his hands moving up to cup her breasts as her hand slides back to his ass. Her nails dig into him through his jeans as she pulls him tight against her ass. He squeezes her breasts roughly and she tilts her head back, turning to look at him. He kisses her hard, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples. Her mewls of pleasure swallowed by him as she sucks his tongue.

She slides her hand between them, her palm molding to his hard cock. He groans his approval, pushing his hips tighter against her. Eager to feel him she slides her other hand back and unbuttons his fly. Her nails scrape his balls before she squeezes them. Her other hand finds his cock, fingers splayed around the shaft, the heel resting on his crown. She rubs her palm around, his precum feeling like an exotic lotion. She pulls her hand out, her palm smeared with his fluid. The lightning flashes, scorching the image of her licking his precum from her palm into his vision. He groans and she looks back at him still licking her palm greedily.

"God, you're such a nasty slut!" he growls, pulling her hand away and kissing her hard. Their tongues dance as her hand moves back to his cock. She strokes him steadily, twisting her wrist every other stroke to hit new nerves. Tangling his hand in her hair, tugging her head to the side. His tongue glides over her throbbing pulse, his teeth grazing her flesh as he sucks hard on her neck.

"Yes, mark me," she purrs, her hand pumping his cock excitedly. His hand drops to her hip, then her leg as he grabs the fabric of her skirt. Bunching it up in his fist he pulls the back up. She leans her body from his enough to let the material climb.

He catches the hem and pulls the skirt free, baring her backside. Grabbing her hip he pulls her back against him, her hand trapped around his cock. He slides his hand down over her hip across the front of her skirt. Cupping her mound, teasing her through her clothes. Her thumb slips up, slowly rubbing over his cockhead as she purrs. His hand moves back casually, up over the folds of her shirt making her ache with wanting. His fingers brush her garters and he growls appreciatively. He pushes her hand up off his cock, hooking his fingers under the edge of her panties. He isn't surprised to find her already wet, his fingers gliding into her gripping pussy.

He wraps his arm around her, his hand splayed across her belly. Pulling her snug against him as he begins pumping his fingers in her pussy. She moans, her hand trapped on his stomach, her nails clawing him. She spreads her legs wider, offering him better access to her hole. He moves his hand, palm against her slit, his fingers lightly rubbing her clit. She twitches as the electric jolts zips through her. He stops moving, holding his hand against her pulsing pussy. "Oh please," she whines.

He growls in her ear. "Aren't you a greedy little slut."

"Yes I am," she purrs pushing her ass back to his hand.

"A shame you're wearing these," he says running his fingers along her panties.

"Take them," she growls and he grins. His knuckles brush her sopping lips as he grabs the silky fabric. She can feel the tug of the elastic on her hips. A quick yank and the rip of her panties elicits a gasp from her. He stuffs them in his pocket, grinding into her bare ass, feeling the heat of her cheeks cupping his cock. She purrs, wiggling her ass, her hand sliding down his thigh. He points his cock at her pussy, his head nudging her lips. "Fuck me," she moans lustily.

He thrusts forward, his cock furrowing into her tight sheath. The thunder drowns out her cry, the whole booth rumbling around them. He grabs her hips, her skirt falling to cover her ass. She braces herself with her hands on the small shelf. His grip on her hips is fierce as he thrusts hard. The windows murky and fogged over, blurring their view of the storm, not that they notice. With each stroke the booth shudders as their bodies crash together. She whimpers, arching her back, tilting her ass for deeper penetration. Her pussy clenches around his cock and he groans, "Oh fuck." A lightning bolt slashes the sky, painting their silhouettes with light.

Harder he slams into her yielding lips, his nails digging into her flesh through her dress. The thunder rumbles overhead, so close that they can feel the treble in their bodies. He can feel the silkiness of her skirt rubbing against his stomach. The edges tickling between them on every outstroke. Her fingers turning white from gripping the shelf so hard. She fucks back into his every stroke. "Oh God!" she squeals, her body going rigid as he continues pounding her. Her pussy spasms, rhythmically squeezing his thick shaft. He slams into her even harder as she cums on his cock, working to his own release. Her muscles milking him only rush him along.

There's a loud crack as he drives his cock to the hilt with all of his force. She squeals feeling his cock swell and pulse inside her. His cum filling her pussy as he pulls her tight to him. Their mouths find each other wantonly delving their recesses, swallowing their moans. He grinds his softening cock in her, enjoying every last ripple of her wet hole. Their mouths part and they stand there panting as his cock slowly slips from her. She squeezes her thighs together, feeling the wet sticky results of their lust.

"I think we broke it," he whispers mirthfully in her ear. She looks to her left and then her right. Jagged cracks split the window in half with dozens of smaller fishers spider web out from them.

"I guess so," she giggles as he steps back enough to refasten his pants, her skirt falling down over her. She wipes the glass in front of her, "Looks like the rain has stopped too," she says looking over her shoulder. The breeze slips up around her legs and she shivers staring at the open door. She steps out and looks around, but doesn't see him anywhere. Smoothing her skirt she decides she'll do best to get home and cleaned up before she has the sticky mess all the way down to her ankles.

She gets half a block from the booth when her cell phone rings. She fishes it out and smiles at the number before answering it. "Hello,"

"Hello gorgeous," he says, "Are you almost home?"

"Yeah, a couple blocks away. How about you?"

"Just getting on the freeway and wanted to hear your sexy voice."

She giggles, "Today was great,"

"Yeah, I thought so too," he answers.

"So when is the next storm expected?" she asks.

"In a couple days, Friday I think." he says, "Are we going to do lunch again?"

"Oh yes!" she smiles, "But I think we'll need to find a new phone booth Dave,"

"I'm sure we can find another one to break in," he teases and they both laugh.

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