Where is that piece of chocolate cake when you need it?  

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3/13/2006 12:51 am

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Where is that piece of chocolate cake when you need it?

A very very long time ago when I was 20 something, in HK and just divorced. I was living alone for a while, in fact out of the six european guys working in the office I was the only one that was single, not quite the swinging bachelor life you might imagine, mainly spent trying to get over things, however it was the typical single guy life otherwise, eat out, drink out, no need to shop, cook or clean ever!

Until one day....

So late one evening, bored, just watching the TV trying to figure whether to take the dog out for a work and there is a knock at the door.

I open it and there she is this tall blonde, scandinavian, very long legs, short skirt.

She was the wife of a colleague.

There had ben rumours that family life was not currently perfect between them but nothing serious. She also had what is really sexy in a woman, something up top, in fact she had higher powered job than her hubby, which he didn't like being reminded of.

Apparently she had been walking her dog and suddenly found herself outside my apartment and thought she would pop into say hello!

Now she lives at least half a mile from my apartment and its not easy to get from her place to mine without taking a taxi.

Anyway ever the gentleman I invite her in.

Now I dont know about you but I think an office romance is generally not a good idea, an office romance with your colleague's wife is, well, suicide.

So I am sitting there thinking what the HELL should I do, was she really here by chance (no way), should I just throw her on the floor and take her (lol, could be a disaster if it turned out she WAS there by chance).

She asked for a drink (great idea warm things up, women are so smart!) but I dont have a single drop of booze in the house, I mean I haven't shopped in weeks and if I want some booze I go down the pub.

She then tells me she has a thing about chocolate cake, she says she would absolutely do anything for a piece of chocolate cake and when she said anything it was like ANYTHING!!! Just my luck a choco slut!

But there wasn't even a packet of crisps in the house, and there wasn't even a lemon in the fridge, apart from the lemon who was holding the fridge door open. How could you have been so stupid and not shopped and filled the house full of booze and chocolate, you complete plonker!

Nothing, so what to do, I am trying to work out in my mind, typically over thinking the problem, of what happens if I do something and then her hubby finds, no one will be fired but one of us would have to leave HK and I knew I didnt want it to be me, but at the same time there was this stunning scandinavain in your house, how could you NOT do something.

Not reaching a decision either way, I sat there like a rabbit frozen in a cars headlights, she asks whether I am seeing anyone at the moment, I say no, in mind one voice is going ok thats it, now is the point to just jump her for god sake and another is going this is a disaster waiting to happen man so like a wimp I don't move, the conversation dries up, the moment goes and so does she.

Still can't figure out what to make of it all or whether I would or should have done something if the situation ever repeated itself.

Being older and wiser today I would probably say what the heck if she's up for it why not and worry about the consequences tommorw, not sure though if this is really a sign of decreasing or increasing maturity as I grow old.

Don't you have those situations where you look back and think, if only I knew then what I know now...
that must be a cue for The Sunscreen Song..

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