Whats the funniest thing that has happened to you on AFF?  

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3/7/2006 4:42 pm

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Whats the funniest thing that has happened to you on AFF?

Well, this happened a few years back.

A woman gets in touch on IMC, I start to introduce myself but she says she knows me already!

Well I was suprised I couldnt recall having chatted with her before, her profile didnt seem familiar.

She insisted we knew each other well, very well, in fact insisted we had had sex together!

Woo, now call me old fashioned but I actually do remember every woman I have had sex with, ever...(ok maybe minus one or two blury nights).

Was I really losing it? Maybe I was going senile early.

Anyway exchanging our pics would clear it up for sure. So we did, her pic was great, she was young, slim and very very attractive, wow how could I have forgotten her but I didnt recognise her at all, she got my pic and said "yep I have had sex with you"!

Well we decided to meet, we fixed up a time and off I went!

As I am on the way she starts texting me asking what am I going to do to her this time as the last time was so fantastic, well since I cant remeber, what can I say so I ask her what did we do last time. Apparently I was some sort of amazing SM porn star, even I was impressed with myself!

You know it is quite hard trying to travelling on the MTR looking nonchalant with a hard on and some young girl describing in explicit detail what you have done to her.

Finally we meet!

Her first words, "Your not him, oh my god, I cant fuck a stranger"!

*&()&&*^&%$ !!!! Dear thats what I have been telling YOU for the last 2 days.

Crest fallen I wimp off back home, resigned to the fact that I hadn't been leading a double life as one of the world's greatest porn stars after all

Please tell me what is it, do all we caucasian's just look alike to asians?

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