The story of M  

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The story of M

I cannot now really recall quite when I was first attracted to M, whether it was when I first saw her or some time later.

Her most striking feature were her legs, they were not thin matchstick like legs you see on some fashion models but long firm shapely legs that at once suggested they would feel perfect wrapped around your back, the image of her breasts has faded from my memory but I remember her long flowing waist length hair and beautiful piercing eyes. That I should have been attracted to her at all is still a surprise to me as I am very much a breast man but there was just something that drew me to her.

She told me that her brother-in-law warned her against me as he said I and my friends had a certain "reputation". His name meant nothing to me and I wondered how he could know of me much less have an opinion about me. He was right of course!

The affair was passionate, she lived wth her sister and brother-in-law, they were away on holiday, I went round to see her, she opended the door and without a word we kissed, it was like something out of a movie, there was a trail of our clothing across the house to the bedroom as we continued to kiss and caress each other not being able to bear a separation for even a second.

She was quite inexperienced at love, which would have been greeted with disbelief by my friends if I had told them, but she was sensual at heart and was always searching for new ways to pleasure me, she told me how she had asked her friends for advice on how best to give a BJ.
Another time we made love in the shower, it was a sensual experience the like I have never known before or since. It was not that clumsy sort of love making where you awkwardly try to find the positions that work without the two of ending up in a heap on the floor of the shower, it was like our bodies were made for each other, a natural fit. She made love to me, I didn't make love to her and our bodies just semed to glide against each other, with her gently moving her body in such an erotic fashion that we both simulataneously orgasmed. This was nothing she had leant form her friends this was something unique to her something that had come from within her.

There came a point however where for her own good I knew the relationship must end. I didn't want to leave her with regrets about what might have been or a feeling that we might someday suceed if only she persevered, I wanted it to end with the slamming of a door shut on the past, to leave her hating me so that she would move on with her life, and in that I suceeded.
There were times a longed to see her again, there were times where I tried to ensure our paths would cross but for one reason or another they never did.

Some 2 years later, I was walking down the street I looked up and there she was. She was carrying the largest boquet of flowers I have ever seen, it was still winter she was wearing knee high boots, and with her long flowing hair she looked stunning. We both saw each other the same instant and just stopped. A tear rolled down her cheek as she stood in silence. I raised my hand and brushed the tear away, "You look good" I said. She replied "I am getting married next weekend", at that moment I just wanted to say don't do it, I want to be with you for the rest of my life but I simply said "congratualations". I asked her if she would like to go for a drink (bad idea), she replied no thanks she had to go (good idea) and with that she walked around the corner and was gone forever.

I spent the next week trying to decide whether to go to the wedding, to say farewell and good luck, but I decided there was too much emotion between us, I imagined the scene from the end of The Graduate and realised that it only happens in movies. A friend told me her husbands name but no one knew of him or where he was from. I never heard of her again and though the image of her has faded the memory of the time we spent together has not and neither has the regret at letting her go, becuase it was a relationship that hadn't been allowed to run its natural course or wss it something more?

...and Sid wants to know what's this wimpy crap doing on his blog, and is it fact or fiction he asks...

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