Still in the Gym  

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5/10/2006 5:29 pm

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Still in the Gym

Well 2 1/2 weeks and still keeping to the daily trip to the gym.

I am not losing anymore weight, stuck on the 6lbs so far, but I am lifting 20% more weight than when I started, and have lost 2" round the middle so it must be working.

I have been burning off 650 cals on the bike and then worked on the different machines lifting weights targeting the upper and lower body so I assume that the lack of weight loss has been due to building muscle. At some point I guess I will stop building muscle and then the weight will start to drop again.

Planning a week away in Koh Samui at the start of next month so being fit by then is the target.

I have been going to the gym between 4 and 6 each day which has meant I get it pretty much to myself except on Sunday.

Jello man seems to have given up to be replaced by Poser man, who seems to spend most of his time looking at himself in the mirror as he exercises. He has been lifting impressive weights, far more than I have been, till I realised he only does that twice to my 75 times, well it made me feel a bit better.

Its a shame they dont have wifi in the gym, it would be a good place to blog from.

The last couple of days has been more interesting as there have been three young women in there, there is nothing like a woman in tight shorts to get you cycling faster, though as fast as I cycle I never quite seem to catch them up.

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