Plonker of the day award  

rm_lagano 51M
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3/8/2006 10:13 pm

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3/8/2006 11:49 pm

Plonker of the day award

Plonker of the day award for today goes to....


leo thinks he/she is a woman, "I am eager to fuck you. Try me right now. " says his/her profile, oh pleaaaazzzz gimme a break!

The only info on leo is he/she is 43yr old 5'9" and speaks english, thats it!

However he/she is looking for couples only, and stipulates the woman must be fat, big bust, an SM freak and over 40, doesnt seem to care about the guy.

Well having narrowed down your "targets of opportunity" to probably about one couple out of 6 million in Hong Kong, what is it about your profile that makes you think that this couple are going to get of their fat backsides undo the handcuffs and bother to send you an email.

You get the plonker of the day award not for being a guy in a woman profile but for having such a small brain as to come up with the most pointless profle I have seen for a long time.

Oh and whats the chance that this guys name is leo and his mobile number is 97262237, if it is you will get the double plonker award for stupidity, hope your ready to handle all the calls you will get from single guy who just genetically are unable to read profiles or think.

Kaliedascope61 41M
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3/8/2006 11:28 pm


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