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4/15/2006 6:14 am

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This is Jaz's song, she seems lost at the moment and can't find whats she wants.

If roses are meant to be red
And violets to be blue
Why isn't my heart meant for you

My hands longing to touch you
But I can barely breathe
Starry eyes that make me melt
Right in front of me

Mister irresistible
Your voice makes my skin crawl
Not so innocent or pure
But I guess you heard it all before

Mister Inaccessible
Will this ever change
One thing that remains the same
You're still just a picture in a frame

I get lost in this world
I get lost in his eyes
And when the lights go down
I am the lonely one


Are we not all lost until we realise what it is we are looking for.

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