Its not my fault I was corrupted.  

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3/17/2006 9:58 am

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3/17/2006 7:40 pm

Its not my fault I was corrupted.

My "first time" was when I was 18, yeah yeah I know but way back then the world was a different place, she was the "older" (24) woman and married.

She picked me up, led me astray and corrupted me for life, so guess you can say thats why I am here today lol.

Well it was great for me but I cant imagine it could have been anything but lousy for her.

I mean women are such damn complicated things, they have bits here and bits there and all us guys have to go on is a few pics in playboy magazine and your trying hard to relate what you saw in the pics to what you have now got in front of you and it doesnt seem to quite work as you imagined.

Then to top it all women just can't damn well make their minds up. You start off slow and gentle with them, (mainly cos you dont have a clue what you should be doing) and she just grabs your fingers and pushes them inside, so you think ok I get it, then later on when you put a finger in she say no dont do that use your tongue and you think what the hell, cant you people at least be consistent, how do you expect us guys to get all this worked out if you keep changing your minds.

Then you get told there is this g-spot, where the hell that is god only knows, and it definitely wasn't in any of the pics you've seen.

The good thing was at least one of us knew what we were supposed to be doing and in the end I guess it couldn't have been a complete disaster I do vaguely recall that at one point she did tell me, as only women knows how, that I was at least doing something very right which put a smile on my face and sent home one young guy confident in having cracked it but blissfully unaware of just how much he had still to learn.

Not that I have a clue where on the planet she might be today but when I think back I wish I could say thanks for the head start and show her how much I have now learnt.

Now if only I could figure out where women keep that g-spot hidden and what I am supposed to do with it when I find it.....

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