Intelligence (or a lack thereof)  

rm_lagano 51M
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6/12/2006 6:32 am
Intelligence (or a lack thereof)

Hmm well so much has been happening in the last week so this is a bit stale but...

So Zarqawi is dead, well no need to cry over this bit of news, no doubt this guy was a pretty sick individual. However there was Tony and GW on the TV telling us how this was a major victory in the war on terror...

reality check...

Zarqawi didn't exist until you invaded Iraq, you can't claim points for destroying something you created!!

It was ironic, in one report I heard it suggested that Zarqawi's death was a good thing for AlQuaeda and bad for the "Coalition", as now they had got rid of one nut that was so extreme that he was causing AlQuaeda supporters to turn away.

Elsewhere, back in the UK our own efforts in the war on terror where proceeding as per usual i.e. a complete farce.

250 police raid a home in London where 2 moslem brothers have a viable chemical bomb or some such idea, one of the two brothers gets shot during the raid, their house is subsequently taken apart piece by piece.

Problem is no chemicals are found, neither is there anything to link them to AlQuaeeda, terrorism or anything else. So now the police say sorry and have released them.

The Police are now "leaking" to the press that this was all based on "intelligence" received from other goverments agencies, that they had doubts but Tony Blair effectively told them to just get on with it.

This comes after last year when they shot dead a Brazilian guy on the Tube's in London, a guy who was not a moslem, did not look like a terrorist, was not acting suspiciously, clearly was not carrying a bomb and did not put up much of a struggle... At the time the police statement was the above with all the "nots" removed but as time went on we learnt the truth.

You have got to say that if the intelligence which when it gets to a point when its so convincing that you just HAVE to act is so totally wrong (and rememeber the invasion of Iraq was to find chemical weapons that intelligence said he had but he hadnt) then why are we still paying attention to what they say.

All to often it seems decisions are being made and then they work backwards to find the evidence to justify the decision.

People are saying there is a war on we should back up our boys whatever they do, but just becuase the guy in the White House suffers from a lack of intellect it doesnt mean we are all excused for it.

Also heard today the Iraqi PM promises his people more electricity i.e. the same amount of electricity they used to have before the US blew it all up, the US then said to him dont expect us to help pay for it as were broke!!!

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