Icon of Maleness  

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4/6/2006 7:00 pm

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Icon of Maleness

Some blog reader has becomes so enraptured by the words of Sid she has been moved to pen him a tribute.

The Icon of his Maleness
Rises magnicificently above swelling orbs
Between thighs of steel
Strong, Regal and Tantalising
Endowed with the power to devour
And consume the passion of his lover
Lost in Rapture and Desire.

She worships at the altar of her Master's sexuality and prowess;
A testament to the joy and infinite ecstacy
That the mighty shaft exquisitely bestows and gifts upon her.
Sighs upon sighs of delights escapes lips, passionately kissed,
She surrenders in complete and utter bliss.

She has found her Nirvana.

Now Sid won't pretend poetry is his thing or that he understands a word of this but he figures she's must be after his body so its fine with him .

But tell Sid what do you think about it?

So keep it coming ladies, my body is availble to any lady who feels the urge to pen me an ode.
I am such an easy slut at heart!

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