How not to go about finding someone  

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3/7/2006 12:03 am

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How not to go about finding someone

nowmoment2nowmoment2 on their profile go on about the frustration of dealing with people on AdultFriendFinder who dont bother to read their profile and fire off messages with the all to commmon anonymous body part pics.

Ok so far they have my sympathy, but then dead slap bang in the middle of their profile they suggest if you are serious you should contact them by sending messages and pics via their 3 year old daughters hotmail account!!!

Hold on a moment guys have you thought about what you are doing?

Do you really want to have your 3 year old's account to be flooded with porn?

Very very bad idea! You can forget the idea that this will serve as any sort of a filter as you suggest, if anything an off-AdultFriendFinder email address will just serve as more of magnet for the type of messages you dont want!!

FWIW Here is what I would suggest to someone:
First remove the sexy pics, you can place them in your network and invite only the people you want to see them, sexy pics are just single guy magnets.

Secondly fill out more of your profile, to me a couple profile with only "his" part filled out are very suspect, because thats what guys pretending to be couples do, so you might be putting of real couples.

Thirdly you did have gold membership, be proactive read the couple adverts and go out and contact those that you think are possibles. The numbers are not that big after you have filtered on your requirmenents using the search page(dont use the browse page), say married couples between 28-50 who have logged in the last month (ie the profile is still active).

Turn on filtering on your email,this will block anyone who doesnt fit your requirements and will instantly kill off all the single guy emails.

There are some really genuinely nice couples in HK on AdultFriendFinder, if you give it some time I doubt you will really have that much trouble in finding what you want, but it does require some effort but then anything worth having seldom comes easy.

And as far as looking for the elusive young, attractive, bisexual single female in HK... well be prepared for a long long wait... and sifting through a lot of junk to find that particular species, they are often rumoured to exist but very rarely seen to be caught to prove their existence.

In fact I would go as far as saying that the majority of sbf's in hk are fake and of those that arent fake the majority are "attached" couples and its the guy who's running the profile not the girl.

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