Here's Winking at you babe  

rm_lagano 51M
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4/5/2006 8:08 pm

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4/5/2006 8:09 pm

Here's Winking at you babe

OK I know winking is a way for standard members to say they are interested in another member.

So to is adding someone to your hot list.

That's all fine, and to be honest it is flattering when someone does wink at you or puts you in their hotlist, and when someone does that to me I will at least say "Hi thanks for that!".

But what I don't get is someone who does that and then never bothers to reply.

Why did they bother winking in the first place?

Is this some random AdultFriendFinder thing, they fire of winks like some virtual matchmaker just to see what happens.

Have you had that happen to you?

Do you wink at people and then regret it or decide to take it no further?

Or do you wink at hundreds and then repsond only to a select few?

A strange one is getting winked and hottied and then finding 24hrs later the profile has gone!

Interested to hear your point of view.

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