God, I just have to fuck her and now!  

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3/23/2006 8:36 pm

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3/24/2006 1:19 am

God, I just have to fuck her and now!

I was chatting with somone who was complaining about the way guys will turn their heads if some bimbo walks in to the room.

Wells its true, that is the way us guys work.

Give you an example, couple of years back I was staying in the Meridien near Patong Beach. So lying on the beach relaxing reading, a book and sunbathing.

On to the beach comes this guy 50s with a stomach the size of Big Daddy, just behind him comes this late 20s/early 30s blonde Russian bimbo, she was wearing what looked like 6 inch high heels that somehow were sandals, and like all Russian bimbo she has legs a mile high and boobs that, well.., the best description I ever heard was a guy I worked with one time that shouted down the office at a girl, "Hey Debs, you look like a dead heat in a zepplin race".

Anyway she walked up to her chair, dropped her bag, arranged her towel, and decided she was going to sunbathe topless!

Well this was no lie on the towel and squirm around a bit, try to undo the straps and hope no one will notice type of thing. She stood up, did one full turn around, just to make sure we were all looking, and I can tell you there wasn't a set of eyes on the beach that were not fixed on her, then she reached round undid the top and released those babies. She then spent what seemd like an hour carefully folding her top up, bending over to put it in her bag before finally lieing down.

The howls from the beach were deafening!

Would I have sex with her if she asked?

You bet, and the queue would have gone 3 times round the building!!!!

But to be honest I doubt it would be much more exciting than shagging a blow up doll (not that I have but I can't imagine that being much fun), I wasn't actually attracted to her anymore than I would be attracted to a picture in some playboy magazine.

I would say, that even though my head may turn to the bimbo, if there was another woman in a room who was dressed classly, sensually, in heels(sorry got a thing about heels), was good to talk to, well she would be the one I would want to go to bed with, and more than once, and yes in preference to the bimbo.

So what do you think guys, the bimbo or the other woman, which would you choose ?

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