Don't mention the war  

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6/6/2006 2:28 am

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Don't mention the war

Well it only few days before the World Cup starts and everyone is making there final preparations.

This time the World Cup is being hosted by Germany and due to events of the last century this has led to some concern about the behaviour of British football fans.

For those of you who haven't watched or attended a football match, they involve non-stop singing and chanting by the fans, which in typically British fashion is both funny and cruel, although which may depend on your point of view.

Early this year the Football Associatio had pleaded with fans to refrain from singing "Ten German Bombers" (a modified version of Ten Green Bottles about the shooting down of warplanes)
and to not start chanting "Two World Wars and one World Cup" (what England had won in previous England vs Germany matches).

In an attempt to avoid unnecessary friction and provocation between England football fans and the Germans during the World Cup this summer, the British Foreign Office has unveiled a new campaign entitled "Avoiding Penalties," that will provide information and help throughout the month-long tournament.

They have even brought in John Cleese to ask "Don't mention the war" (some may remember the episode from Fawlty Towers "The Germans").

Fans have also been reminded that goose stepping and the Nazi salute are illegal in Germany and using it could get them arrested.

Predictably the chance of this plea working are well, almost zero.

As one observer commented "It will depend whether Germany or England wins what kind of match it will be, if the Germans lose the game, maybe it might improve relations."

Now there's a plan, all we need to do is convince they Germans to lose for the sake of harmony and world peace.

Mind you it seems that we are not the only ones with a troublesome sense of humour. A Dutch company's has decided to market replica World War II German helmets - in orange for Dutch fans and white for the English. And a T-shirt with the slogan "I want my bicycle back", referring to Germany's seizure of Dutch property under occupation, has reportedly been selling fast in the Netherlands.

rm_pagan380 64M
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6/6/2006 1:40 pm

Don't get me started on Soccer Fans! I can't believe that civilized people can act so badly in a public event! I'd ban any Countries team that could not guaranty order from their fans. I think the sport would be better off for it. The same goes for the NBA, NFL, NHL, and any other professional sports. These are games, not religions! Leave the violence to the pros.

Come play naked in the sunshine and dance naked under the stars.


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