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11/15/2005 3:26 am

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a better swing club

Well, we've all been sick here for the past number of weeks, so the hot action has been a little sluggish.

So here's another tale from the past.

Our second swing party was a lot more fun than the first. First, it was filled with young, attractive, authentic people. We were looking to avoid people our parents' age, but we also didn't want the silicone enhanced, coke-head Hollywood scene either. The only downside to such a young crowd was their tentativeness and inexperience.

Also this particular house (the party location varies) was a nice pad, with a heated pool and spa, and a garage where the bands played. There were comfy beds, futons, pillows, rugs, private rooms, etc.

Again, we were the weirdos as a threesome. A crowd sort of formed near one doorway as we went at it in the big group room. Again, we didn't partner-swap. We just had our threeway, and enjoyed various positions. Charles fucked sweetie from behind while I laid beneath her and she sucked my cock. Then she rode me on top. The co-runner of the party came by and sweetie kissed and licked her breasts for a bit. As one of my first public exhibitions with a crowd like that, I experienced some performance anxiety, but it was still a ton of fun. There were some other super hot couples fucking around us. One black guy and his girl fucked over and over again. It was nuts.

Later, in line for the bathroom, one guy comlimented Charles' and my stamina. He referred to us as "the King and the Emperor." I like it...

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