I shouldn't tell u this but....  

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9/30/2005 9:22 pm

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I shouldn't tell u this but....

I went out w a good friend of mine, went back 2 his place later on that night. i was suppose 2 met him and my girlfreind.needles 2 say i arrived at his house he greeted me at the door with a kiss and closed it behind me. It was strangely dark inside but I didn’t get the chance to look around that he blindfolded me with another kiss in the neck while taking my coat away. What was he thinking? Couldn’t he wait? Wasn’t my girlfriend still in the house? I heard another person closing up and soon they were two to kiss me while slowly walking me to the couch. I tried to say something but I felt a strong hand on my mouth, discarding questions and complaints. We remained standing for a while even though I could feel the couch with my legs, but that was only because it was easier to strip me naked like this. I felt them unbutton and remove my shirt while kissing my neck and shoulders, fondle my breasts, cuddle me, embrace me. I felt a woman’s skin on me and I sort of tried to push her away, but the man held my hands in my back. His other hand returned on my mouth, but only to feel my lips before running down my chin, my neck, my chest. It was hard to keep track of the both of them, especially since I couldn’t see anything. In addition, it was the first time there were two people touching me like this at the same time. It’s simply incredible, even though the touch of another woman on your skin feels very, very weird.
One of them removed my bra while the other had me sit on the couch while kissing me in the mouth. Then both of them began to caress me while sucking, licking and eating my breasts, just the way I like them. The feeling of their tongues, lips and teeth on them was simply fantastic. Their hands ran over the rest of my body, but not beyond the waist – not yet. I was already groaning, bending the head backward on the cushion, trying to relax. I could touch their thighs so I knew they were sitting right next to me, but I couldn’t move my arms beyond that without pulling them up and they wouldn’t allow it. A couple more minutes of this and they had me moan. I was starting to get wet, ready for more. I guess one of them figured out because I felt my boyfriend go down, gently pulling down my skirt while My girlfriend kept working on me above. My left hand followed my boyfriend, grabbing his shoulder, then his neck while he kissed my thighs, then my lips through my panties. I couldn’t help shaking. Their moves were so unexpected! You feel everything so much more when you don’t see anything. Their slightest touch startled me, but it was so enjoyable.

While my boyfriend was playing with my clit through my panties, my other friend climbed on me, grabbed my shoulders and kissed me passionately in the mouth so I couldn’t even moan. But soon I couldn’t even breathe so I gasped out and she kissed me in the neck instead, then bit my earlobe, brushed my hair while kissing my face everywhere, then kissing me more in the mouth, her hand caressing the back of my neck. She muttered in my ear that she loved me. I couldn’t say anything to that because down there it was starting to get rather intense and all I could do was moan. She had my hand remove her shirt, feel her body, her breasts – didn’t she use to wear a bra? – and her hard nipples. It was the first time I touched another woman’s breasts and it felt very weird. She however seemed to enjoy it to an unimaginable degree, shivering. Then she dove back down on me, pressing her chest on mine while kissing me more. But I could pay attention no more, my boyfriend doing a very good job at sending me to heavens. I was moaning loudly, quivering, gasping for air as I was about to come, and then I climaxed, arching my back, sliding down a bit on the couch, sort of flapping my legs apart and back until I finally closed them on my boyfriend’s neck, having him refrain from touching my sensitive clit any longer.

my girlfriend moved away and now it was him kissing me passionately, caressing me with one hand while having me undress him blindly with the other. I managed to open his shirt and felt his chest, strong, hairy. I heard pants being pulled down and I guessed what my girlfriend was doing. He had me stroke him a bit, then roll down the condom on his member, before pulling down my panties and removed my socks, pulling me down to the floor, having me kneel in front of the couch, resting my hands on it, and then he went inside me from behind, fondling my breasts, breathing heavily in my neck, while girlfriend sat on the couch between my hands and kissed me in the mouth while brushing my hair, telling me I was beautiful while kissing me more. Meanwhile, he was thrusting faster and deeper inside me, kissing my neck, biting my ears, muttering that he loved me, while moving his hands down to my stomach, my thighs, brushing my pubic hair, teasing my clit, while she took over, cupping my breasts, playing with them, kissing the top of my head. It was so much at the same time I thought I would have a heart attack. Soon my pleasure grew and I started to move my pelvis to accompany his thrusting, which was pressing my sweet spot just the same as when I use a vibrator.

I felt My girlfriend pull up her legs, spreading them apart, then I guess she sit back. She took my hand, had two fingers inside her and my thumb on her clit, showing me how to move to please her. Soon the three of us moved, breathed and moaned in unison, almost like a choir. I could feel that My girlfriend was very tense, and strangely she climaxed first, loudly, unexpectedly, moving her pelvis erratically, grabbing my arm. She didn’t have me stop though, clearly running for another one. Soon afterward it would be our turn, but wait, she came once more less than two minutes later! Wow… (and to say I usually need close to ten minutes, if not more)

My boyfriend pulled out at this moment, then had me turn around and sit on him. We resumed intercourse embracing and kissing each other while she caressed me from behind, kissing my back, running her hands on my arms, my flanks, my legs, breathing on my hair, caressing them. Then I could do nothing but moan and I heard him gasp, meaning he was getting close too. I pushed him back, pressing his shoulders on the floor while I rode him to orgasm, faster, deeper, making some rotation movements now that I could move freely on him, resting my hands on his stomach, caressing it, brushing its hair, bending backward, arching my back, screaming, shivering, feeling my pleasure grow beyond my control, my sweat run down all over, hands everywhere, on my breasts but also on my chest, stomach, shoulders, neck, back, face, legs, arms, gasping then screaming more, moving erratically then climaxing, losing control, feeling like I was burning, quartered, pulled apart by a feeling so strong I couldn’t contain it, then falling on my right side even before it was over, my boyfriend finishing me off in that position the best he could then moaning and jerking a bit, coming himself, slowing down, then stopping. He brushed my hair and kissed me before pulling out.

The three of us cuddled like this on the floor for a bit longer, both of them pressing themselves against me while I was lying there, motionless, trying to catch my breath, still shaking from the experience. That was way too much stimuli, far beyond what I have ever experienced with a vibrator; any more and I think I would have collapsed. Soon after they got dressed back and helped me do the same, and only then removed my blindfold. They were kind enough to have me rest a bit more. I closed my eyes, then swore it was the last time I was allowing them together, but my smile betrayed me, I guess, and they both laughed.

Since sex was obviously out of the question for the rest of the weekend, the three of us spent some time together, first at the restaurant, then back home drinking and playing cards, then do some shopping in the afternoon. Then he left us behind, having to go back home in the evening. Back in the car on our way back home, I had a conversation with My girlfriend, reminding her I wasn’t loving women and not to mess with my boyfriend.He was a really gud friend, that I never wana loose. I still cant get over how we got 2 that point in our friendship. She didn’t say a word, just smiling. I wonder what that smile meant.

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