Dream: 1/8/05  

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8/1/2005 12:28 am

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Dream: 1/8/05

I've had a dream every night, and it's always the same genre, there's some integration of other things like what I might have done the day before but nevertheless it always ends up with the theme of my relationship.

It didn't feel very long this time, the dream skipped from me looking at an old Queenslander home and advising how we could fix a window sill to me being in a bathroom with my ex. We had just finished showering and she asked me to grab a towel for her. I walked over to the bathroom closet and pulled out a blue towel, the smell of pot pourri filled my nose. When I came back, I wrapped the towel around her, we gazed in each others' eyes and time felt like it stopped. I moved in closer and wrapped my arms around her body before pulling her up for a kiss.

Our lips met and this feeling of warmth and elation washed up from my back to tip of my head. It felt great! The kiss felt long and sincere on both sides, like we were kissing for the first time. I didn't want to let her go and I hugged her tighter as the passion rose.

This was the point where I woke up, it was 3AM. I couldn't sleep for another 2 hours. Even on my thoughts now, I could still feel her lips on mine and I felt a longing for it to happen again.


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