I'm Still Here.  

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8/3/2006 5:50 pm

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I'm Still Here.

Hey everyone!

Yeah, I'm still here. I know, I haven't been very active lately...been kind of busy. Summer seems to get that way.
I have been seeing someone on a very regular basis for several months now. He treats me so good and I really care for him a lot. I spend pretty much every weekend with him and we have gone to some really fun places.
Since he doesn't live close by, we talk on the phone constantly, but I wish that we had more time together. I work first shift while he works seconds, and it makes for lots of voicemails. But all that aside, he and I really seem to communicate. Wow! A man that actually communicates! He doesn't hold back on what he thinks or how he feels either. I never realized how much was missing from my marriage the last few years of it until I met him. Does that sound crazy? Will this openess and honesty last? I think that it will. I'm just so happy right now.
Apart from my new relationship, I have been busy working and trying to keep up with my bills. The power company seems to think that I'm made out of money. Not even close! Just because I work for a bank does not mean that I am one. (I bet no one has heard that before...lol) As most of you know, I went through some really hard times this past year. My money was very tight and yeah, I had to put off paying certain bills until I had the money for them. Well, the power company didn't seem to like the fact that I was paying my bill late all the time. My power was never turned off, and my bill was always paid in full. Well, they seem to think that because I was always late on the bill, I need to leave a deposit. Well, now they have added on an extra $65.00 a month to my regular bill and I have to make sure that it is paid on time and in full or they will keep the deposit. Somehow they think that I can afford to pay more money to them when I was having trouble paying the bill in the first place. Does this make any sense? And with the costs of fuel and energy going up, my bill is going to soon be over $200.00 per month because of the deposit that is being required by them. They said that as long as the bill is paid in full every month and on time for the next 12 months, they will refund me the deposit plus interest. Don't they think that maybe I could pay the bill on time and in full and put my money away on my own? It isn't right and unfortunately the power company is a monopoly. So, what is my next step? I don't know where I should go from here with all of this, but I'm thinking hard and I know that I will figure something out.
Anyway, that is not the only crazy thing that has been going on in my life. I have as of yet to receive my tax refund from the IRS due to a "mistake" that they made. I have waited, rather patiently, for the past 4-5 months for my tax refund. I figured that I would get it in about 2 months after filing. Boy was I wrong. I have called them several times and was continually told that I needed to call back next week, it is being worked on. I finally got in touch with someone that actually looked at my file and found where the error was. He forwarded the "mistake" to another department and they worked on it for a month. When that month was up, I called and the response that I got was that it was still being worked on and that I needed to wait another week and call back. So, I did that. When I called this time, they said that the mistake seemed to have been taken care of, but there was no request for payment. I was then told to wait another week and call if I had not heard back by then. Guess what...no communications from the IRS whatsoever. Hhhmmm...surprise. It seems that the only time that they wanted to contact me was when they thought that I owed them money, but when they found out that they actually owed me quite a bit of money, they suddenly didn't have time to keep me up to date on what was going on, or to even contact me with a form letter. The next time I called and talked to someone, I was told that my case had been assigned to someone. Why did it have to be assigned? It seems that they have somehow misplaced one of my forms. Gee, I don't file my taxes (thanks to my ex) for a few years, and when they tell me that I need to, and I do, and I label it very clearly and label the envelopes very clearly for the years that I am filing, suddenly the forms are misplaced when they realize that I'm owed a refund! I'm not sure, but I think that I may have finally made some headway today. I actually talked to someone that understood me completely and was willing to take the time to look at the file properly. She even actally listened to what I was saying about all the trouble that I was having and analyzed it and found a possible solution. But, unfortunately, I have to wait yet some more for her resolution to take place...3 business days. That is not her fault, and I do not blame her at all. Unfortunately, the 3 business days could already be up if the person that I talked to last week had even cared to look into the matter. But, I'm complaining, and I'm sure that I am not alone in my problems with the IRS. I just don't understand how I could work since I was 15 and pay my taxes like I'm supposed to, never get any government assistance, try to be a good citizen and actually overpay on my taxes on a regular basis so that I won't be hit for a large lump sum at tax time, yet I can't get decent help when the matter has been taken out of my hands. Here is another little bit that kind of irritated me about the whole situation. I am not racist by any means, and I believe that everyone has a right to work, and should, but when I am trying to find out something regarding my tax situation and the person that I am talking to does not understand what I am telling them, and I am having difficulty understanding them, how can the issue get resolved? And when I say that I am having difficulty understanding them, I mean that the accent they have is so thick that I have to ask them to please repeat themselves more than once. I am very good with accents having grown up around foreign languages and having helped my mom when I was younger teach ESL classes, but this is rediculous! I even had to rephrase how I asked my questions because the person on the phone did not understand the termanology that I was using. I don't like to talk down to people, but I almost felt that I needed to, just to get my point across. But, enough about this topic.
I wish that I had some exciting things to share with you all, but unfortunately, I have been pretty set into a routine lately. I go to work, go to lunch, visit with my mom, go back to work, and then go home for the night. Pretty boring huh? Some days I just feel that I am getting older and older, and getting too set in my ways. I have had a few thoughts lately about getting a tattoo. One of my friends just got her first one and it is so beautiful! I'm not sure that I will actually ever get one, but I'm toying with the idea. I know what I don't want when it comes to a tattoo, so at least I have a jumping off point. Anyone have any ideas? I also need to think where I want to have it put. That's even tougher than trying to figure out what to get...lol. But, I will keep you all up to date on whether or not I get one and what it is and where I put it. Heck, if it's interesting enough and in an interesting enough spot, I may take a pic and share it with you all...lol.
Well, I'm gonna go for now, but I will try to write again soon and let you all know how I am doing. I hope that you keep reading and checking up on me, but if not, I know that you all have lives too...lol.
Be good to eachother and have lots of fun! I know that I am.

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