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8/21/2006 3:54 pm
Back in the to speak

Hey everyone. I'm back at it again. The misunderstanding that my guy and I had has been resolved. I was just so hurt that we could have such miscommunication when we usually know exactly what the other is thinking. I had a great weekend...most of it was spent with my guy.

I know that I get down on myself sometimes, but it just amazes me that someone would think of me as beautiful. I was hurt so bad by my ex that I was afraid that I would never find anyone that could appreciate me for me. But, I have.

I do little things for him, and they mean so much to him. I just feel that I am being me. I cook dinner (although, he cooked dinner last night) and I don't think anything of it. I guess that my mom ingrained into me a sense of selflessness that I try to pass on to everyone. I would go without first before I could let someone else go without.

As for the misunderstanding, I guess that happens in all relationships no matter what. I was afraid that I had truly done something wrong that might not be able to be repaired. I was even ready to get in my car and drive the 2 hours just to try to straighten things out. But, our real understanding of eachother goes so much deeper than a miscommunication. But I never want to have a misunderstanding like that again! The hurt I felt and expressed to him was from the heart, not from anger or jealousy, and I know that he understands that. I also hurt him without meaning to, but that was resolved because we seem to know how much the other means to us.

I know, this all sounds sappy, but the level of intimacy between us goes way beyond sex. Sex, for us, is only one way of showing how much we care for eachother. It's all the other things that we do for eachother that truly shows how we feel.

My back has been hurting really bad for about 2 weeks now. He spent the whole weekend rubbing it for me. Heck, he got me feeling so good that I was horny and the pain that I was feeling in my back didn't even come close to how much I was enjoying his touch. He was willing to not make love (even though I know he was horny too) because he didn't want me to be in pain. That is so selfless. I'm slowly learning that he does things for me, just as I do for him, because that is how he is. There are no expectations from either of us in regards to the other except that we just be ourselves.

Needless to say, we made love till the early morning hours...and we were feeling the effects the next day. We spent the rest of the weekend just snoozing and relaxing. How sweet is that? There were so many things that I wanted to get done, but just being around him made me so relaxed, and I just enjoyed running around in my nightie all day...feeling his occasional touch on my leg or my back or my arm. These touches aren't sexual in nature, but rather sensual and caressing. And also filled with love. Everytime he touches me, my heart pounds and I just have to turn and smile at him.

We went out with my friends this week, and he had a good time. Friends seem to be the best judge in character when it comes to knowing what's best for They all seem to really like him and have told me so many times. They just haven't really had time to get to know him because, well, I guess that I tend to keep him all to myself. But, the person that counts the most in my life, my mom, has met him and thus far, he has her approval. Now that is a big hurdle! Mom's seem to be the best judge in character...especially when it comes to thier little girls. But, that's what mom's are for. I didn't tell her about the little misunderstanding because I really didn't want to upset her. I think that she really likes my guy...not for herself or anything...but for me. She sees qualities in him that I have seen for myself, and that means the world.

Anyway, I just thought that I should update everyone on how things are going now, and they are going great! I'm hoping to add more experiences that I have in my life, but for the most part, my life has been pretty busy, and predictable. I'm happy right now, and that is the most important thing. Take care of eachother and have fun! I know I am having fun again!

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