Day 1  

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12/20/2005 7:07 pm

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Day 1

Here I am. My first internet journal-type thingy. Always swore I'd never fall into the hype of the latest trand but we all see where that wound up, huh? For the last year or so i've been going through Naval Nuclear Power Training here in Goose Creek, SC, north of Charleston. All I have to say about that is don't ever become a "Nuke". Or you'll wind up with virtually no free time at all! respecitng that, dont expect to get up to the minute reports on my "goings on". Although I will be making a reasonable effort to update as possible. Short breakdown of my current life:

1)12 hours days @ work for 7 days, followed by 2 days off on rotating shifts (again, not something i recomend for those of you who enjoy sleep)

2)Born outside of Columbus, OH. For the most part, raised in Gainesville, FL.

3)Enlisted in the Navy for 6 years in June of 2004. Considering re-enlistment at a later date.

4)Single, currently looking for someone to have an all-around good time and relax with until i get orders elsewhere in March. Hopefully, to Kings Bay, GA if all goes as planned.

Speaking of those 12 hours days, ive got one coming up here all too soon. Sweet Dreams.....

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